AAA TripleMania XXX Tijuana Results From June 18, 2022: Title Changes!

TripleMania XXX Anniversary Celebration

AAA TripleMania XXX Tijuana results from Tijuana, Mexico at Estadio Caliente Xoloitzcuintles on 6/18/22 live on FITE:

The pre-show match was the Ruleta De La Muerte Elimination Cagematch with Lady Shani vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Maravilla vs. La Hiedra vs. Flammer vs. Reina Dorada vs. Sexy Star. The rules were everyone had to escape by climbing over the top of the cage to the floor. The final two left in the cage will have to face each other in a mask vs. mask match later on.

Chik Tormenta and Flammer were the last two left in the cage.

Maravilla was bleeding badly by the time she climbed out. He leg even had blood all over it. We don't know if she cut it on the cage or if it was a stained by the blood dripping all over from her head and face.

There was a long ceremony before the main card which included the LA Rams cheerleaders doing a dance routine.

Niño Hamburguesa won the Copa TripleMania (rumble style) Battle Royal over Charly Manson, Vampiro, Pagano, Mr. Iguana, Cibernético, Dulce Canela, Mamba, Heavy Metal, Bestia 666, Abismo Negro Jr., Rey Xolo, Mecha Wolf, Damian 666, and Rey Horus. Pin, submissions, and over the top rope were the rules. Hamburguesa eliminated Mamba last by over the top rope.

Rey Fenix won a 5-Way Match over Bandido, AAA Latin American Champion Taurus, AAA Cruiserweight Champion Laredo Kid, and Hijo Del Vikingo by pinning Taurus after a diving double stomp to win both titles. Bandido's neck rolled badly during a spot in the match but he stayed in and finished. AAA staff was checking on him on the floor when it was over and they took him out on a stretcher.

AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie came out to the ring. She mostly spoke in Spanish. She put over the Lucha Brothers and said "we're going to have a new group but you're going to have to wait..." She called out Thunder Rosa. She said Rosa says that she is the best wrestler in Mexico so she can come down and try to prove it. She held up the Reina de Reinas Title to say she is currently the best in Mexico.

Konnan came out to the ring. A great video played to recap his entire pro wrestling career. It covered all of his title wins around the world. The voice over announcer said he is currently a consultant and talent scout to many groups around the world including MLW. Many on the roster came out to congratulate him including Taya and The Lucha Bros. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a rare AAA in-ring segment with nobody getting attacked or even confronted by anyone else.

A video about Blue Demon and Blue Demon Jr. aired talking about their legacy and the importance of their masks. A video about Pentagon Jr. then aired.

Blue Demon Jr. pinned Pentagon Jr after hitting him in the ribs with the hammer while they were on the top rope, followed by a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope into a table in the ring. This was a Ruleta de la Muerte semifinals match. This means Demon leaves the tournament with his mask safe while Pentagon Jr. goes to the finals on Oct. 15 against the winner of Villano IV  vs. Psycho Clown later tonight.

A video was shown of Matt Hardy bringing in John Hennigan as his tag team partner. Hardy said for one night Johnny can be called "Johnny Hardy". Hennigan is replacing Jeff Hardy in the tag team match main event tonight.

Flammer pinned Chik Tormenta in the mask vs. mask match after driving her into a board set up in the corner of the ring. Toxin and Abismo Negro Jr. ran in and attacked Flammer during the match. Maravilla and La Hiedra then ran in to make the save. Flammer and Tormenta had their husbands in their corners and they both interfered a few times too. The two women had more family members come down for the unmasking. Tormenta shook Flammer's hand and they hugged. Tormenta cried but followed the stipulation and removed her mask. She gave it to Flammer.

A video of the Villano Family aired followed by a video of Psycho Clown.

Psycho Clown pinned Villano IV after an Air Raid Crash into thumbtacks in a Ruleta de la Muerte semifinals match. They hit each other over the head with beer bottles and Clown bled early on in the match. Clown gave him a big powerbomb into a board in the corner of the ring. They got into a fist fight towards the end of the match and took off a good part of each other's masks.

On Oct. 15, it will be Pentagon Jr vs. Villano IV in the mask vs mask finals.

Dragon Lee and Dralístico defeated Matt Hardy and John Hennigan when Dralístico pinned Hardy after a Moonsault (and landing on Lee too in the process). Hardy gave Hennigan a Twist of Fate after the match then shook hands with Dralístico and Lee.