AAW: The Independents Day Results From July 15, 2022


AAW Pro Wrestling results from Merrionette Park, Illinois, USA at 115 Bourbon Street on 7/15/22 live on FITE:

Davey Vega pinned Shane Hollister after a brain buster over the knee when members of  The Bravo Family interfered.

1 Called Manders went to a No Contest with Fred Yehi in a #1 con. match where the winner was to receive an AAW Title shot in the main event. They brawled and Yehi used a fork as a weapon. Other referees and security came out to seperate them. Yehi stabbed some of the security with the fork too.

AAW Champion Mat Fitchett was interviewed backstage He said he would defend title in a 3-Way Match after what he just saw. He said he didn't come to the building just to turn around and go back home.

Jake Something jumped the gaurdrail and got in the ring to cut a promo. He said he does what he wants and it is his ring. He said he will go to the back to have a conversation with management to get any match he wants tonight. AAW owner Danny Daniels came out to try to get him to leave the ring. Something knocked him out.

Russ Jones pinned AJ Alexander (with Vinny Pacifico) after a running knee strike to the back. Pacifico tried to attack after but Jones choke slammed him.

AAW Tag Team Champions Hammerstone and Ace Perry were interviewed backstage. They said they will stay the champions tonight. They argued about who would get the pin. Hammerstone said they would both do it.

Brayden Lee and Gnarls Garvin defeated Silas Young and Karam when Garvin pinned Karam after a diving splash. Young attacked Lee briefly after then ran to the back.

Sierra did a backstage promo. She vowed to become the #1 con. to the AAW Women's Title.

Billie Starkz won a 4-Way Match over VertVixen, Sierra, -and Lady Frost by pinning Vixen after a swanton to become #1 con.

Heather Reckless did an interview backstage. She said she is leaving with the Women's Title tonight.

ACH and Jah-C defeated AAW Tag Team Champions Ace Perry and Hammerstone when ACH submitted Perry to a Texas Cloverleaf to win the titles.

Eric Young came out to do an interview on stage. He plugged Impact Wrestling events coming to the Chicago area on August 12 and August 13. He said he would invite some AAW talent to be part of those shows. AAW Champion Mat Fitchett came out. He said he is taking one of those opportunities and he will take the AAW Title with him to defend it in Impact. Young said he will be waiting for him there and he will decide who he defends it against.


Schaff did an angry promo backstage wanting a chance to become a champion.

AAW Women's Champion Christi Jaynes (with Ren Jones) pinned Heather Reckless after the Ushigoroshi and holding tights. Jones did a heel interview after. Spyder Nate Webb came out to confront him to set up an impromptu match.

Ren Jones pinned Spyder Nate Webb after a chair shot (with a chair provided by Jaynes) followed by a powerbomb. Jones went after Webb when it was over. Billie Starkz tried to make the save but the heels attacked her too. Levi Everett made the save.

Calvin Tankman did a promo backstage. He said he's here looking to get some gold.

Jake Something won a 6-Way Match over Levi Everett, Calvin Tankman, Schaff, Hartenbower, and Conan Lycan by pinning Hartenbower after the Into The Void.

Mike Bennett sent in a taped message. He said in a few months AAW will see the real Mike Bennett.

The main event will be an Elimination Match. One Called Mander vs. Fred Yehi vs. AAW Champion Mat Fitchett. Manders pinned Yehi with a cradle. Fitchett pinned Manders after a flying knee strike.