Beyond Wrestling vs. Wrestling Open "Please Come Back 3" Results From 6/12/22

Brand Rivalry On IWTV

Beyond Wrestling vs. Wrestling Open "Please Come Back 3" results from Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA at Six String Grill and Stage on 6/12/22 live on IWTV:

Allie Katch pinned B3CCA (with Alec Price) with a cradle in a Super Fight. B3CCA blamed Price for the loss after. Biff Busick came out and told Price to focus on today's main event.

The Brick City Boyz & Bear Country (with Smart Mark Sterling) defeated Shook Crew, CPA, and Dan Barry (with 50 Cal) when Bear Country pinned CPA after a double team finisher. Bear Country and Sterling turned on The Brick City Boyz after the match and left them laying in the ring.

WWR+ will have a show called "Aces High" on June 26 in Worcester, MA at The White Eagle on June 26.

Steven Stetson and Brett Ryan Gosselin defeated Little Mean Kathleen and Teddy Goodz in a Saturn & Kronus Eliminator Cup Tag Team Tournament Qualifier Match when BRG pinned LMK after Pedro Dones ran down and interfered.

Ray Jaz (with Tony Vincita) pinned Thomas Santell (with Fancy Ryan Clancy) by illegally using feet on the ropes. Wrestling Open defeats Beyond Wrestling.

Management informed Ray Jaz his win would stand but they turned the situation into a tag team match and it is now the first match of the Saturn & Kronus Eliminator Cup Tag Team Tournament.

Thomas Santell and Fancy Ryan Clancy defeated Ray Jaz and Tony Vincita in a Saturn & Kronus Eliminator Cup Tag Team Tournament Match when Clancy pinned Vincita after a Side Russian Leg Sweep after Vincita hit Jaz with a missile drop kick by accident knocking him out of the ring. Jaz turned on him after and stomped his leg in a chair.

Channing Thomas (with Sidney Bakabella) defeated SLADE by chair shot Disqualification. SLADE was frustrated after the referee was bumped which allowed Bakabella to throw powder in his face and Thomas gave him a low blow. He choked out Bakabella after the match and slammed Thomas on a chair to leave them laying. Wrestling Open defeats Beyond Wrestling.


Willow Nightingale pinned Rex Lawless with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Beyond Wrestling defeats Wrestling Open for the first time today.

Rickey Shane Page pinned Tyree Taylor after the GTF to even the series up for Beyond Wrestling. Mark Sterling and Bear Country attacked RSP after the match. Sterling said they were sending a message from Brian Myers to RSP.

Max Caster pinned Ichiban in the $10,000 Challenge Ten Minute Match with less than 30 seconds left in the time limit after the Mic Drop. If Ichiban could have lasted the time limit he would have won the money. Beyond Wrestling defeats Wrestling Open.

Miracle Generation defeated Waves And Curls. Wrestling Open defeats Beyond Wrestling. The score is now tied going into the main event.

Alec Price pinned Biff Busick after the SuPrice Kick to win the event series for Wrestling Open. Busick got on the mic and said he had no respect for Wrestling Open coming in but Alec Price has made him respect it. He said New England developes the best pro wrestlers in the world and now it's Price's turn. They shook hands. Price said for the past 24 weeks Wrestling Open has been on IWTV every Thursday and tonight they earned their respect. He said sooner or later he will be everywhere on the indie scene. He called out AC Mack. He said Mack can keep the IWTV Title and thinks Beyond needs a title of its own.