Big Lucha 1st Year Anniversary Show Results From July 1, 2022

Milestone Anniversary In Lucha Libre

Big Lucha 1st Year Anniversary Show Results From July 1, 2022

Big Lucha 1st Anniversary results from Mexico City, Mexico at Bandido's Gym on 7/1/22 live on YouTube:

Bandido came out to tell the crowd that he will not be able to wrestle in the main event due to his neck injury.

Carito won the Living Legend Cup Battle Royal over Shocko, Diosa Nix, The Gorilla Brothers (King and Kong), Vortize, Skayde Jr., Mr. Win, Orbita, Ellipse, Zenky, Black Skayde, and Forneo.

Radioactive and Extasis defeated La Estrella and Fujiwara ... and Mr. Mike ... when Radioactive pinned La Estrella and Fujiwara at the same time after a twisting splash. Extasis did a top rope dive on Mr. Mike down on the floor to stop him from breaking up the pin. Abismo Negro Jr. was supposed to be Mike's partner be he did not appear thus Mike competed alone.

Skayde pinned Latigo.

Komander won a 5-Way Match over Jack Cartwheel, ASF, Cometa Maya and Noisy Boy by pinning Maya after a springboard splash.

EDM 6-Man Champions Gran Pandemónium, Hijo de Pandemónium, and Pandemónium Jr. defeated Accion Jackson, Bendito, and Elemental when they all hit finishers on their opponents at the same time to get a triple pinfall.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Galeno Del Mar defeated Demonic Flamita and Emperador Azteca when Wagner pinned Flamita with a La Magistral Cradle set up by a low blow.

Villano IV won a 3-Way Match over Penta El Zero M and Canek by pinning Penta after a low blow when the referee was briefly bumped.

Tirano and Potro De Oro won a 4-Way Tag Team Elimination Match over ... Lady Maravilla and Sussy Love.. Gravity and Yutani .. Limbo and Viajero. The teams were made up of rivals. The stipulation was the last team left would then face each other in a hair vs. hair match.

Tirano pinned Potro De Oro after a powerbomb on chairs to win the hair vs. hair match. De Oro's manager Maximiliano Rivera got his head shaved along with him in solidarity.