Carlos Colon Clashes With Ric Flair At WWC 49th Anniversary Show

Ric Flair Back In WWC

The World Wrestling Council held their 49th Anniversary event last night at Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The main event saw Carlito defeat Andrade but things got a bit wild before that.

Ric Flair was in Andrade's corner and he interfered in the match. Eddie Colon was out to back Carlito up. He tried to force Flair to go back to the locker room. Flair acted like he was afraid to get beat up and headed towards the aisle as if he was agreeing with Eddie. It was a swerve and he poked Eddie in the eyes and smiled confidently.

Carlos Colon then came out to counter Flair. The fans popped big seeing him and Flair face to face in the aisle. The legends stared at each other then took off their jackets to get ready to fight. Flair tried to punch Colon but Colon blocked it. Colon gave Flair a few punches and then a headbutt. He forced Flair back to the locker room.

Andrade tried to take advantage of guest referee Ray Gonzalez getting distracted by watching the legends fighting. He brought a weapon into the ring and was going to use it on Carlito. Gonzalez saw it and took the weapon away from him.

Andrade kicked Gonzalez in the groin. Gonzalez put his hand up as if he was going to call for the bell and rule the match a Disqualification.

Carlito gave Andrade the backstabber and covered him. Gonzalez debated if he was still going to disqualify Andrade or count the fall. He decided to make the three count to the delight of the crowd. Carlito wins.