Combat Fights Unlimited “The Problem” Results From June 29, 2022: Slamovich vs. Shafir

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Combat Fights Unlimited “The Problem” Results From June 29, 2022: Slamovich vs. Shafir

CFU "The Problem" results from Williamstown, New Jersey, USA at the H2O Wrestling Center now airing on IWTV as of 6/29/22:

This was taped weeks ago. Marina Shafir was in Detroit last night with AEW and in the main event of this show.

Blake Chadwick and Alyssa Marino are the broadcast team.

All non-title bouts are inside a steel cage with 3 Rounds at 3-minute time limits a round. The title bout main event will have 3 Rounds with 5-minutes per round inside the cage.

Christi Jaynes defeated Damaris Dawkins by cross arm bar submission in the 1st Round. Jaynes attacked Dawkins after the bout and gave her an arm breaker. Ray Lyn, Jordan Blade, and KZT rushed into the cage after to stop Jaynes from doing more damage.

Jaynes did a calm and confident interview backstage. She said she was going back home to Brazil to celebrate the victory.

Jordan Blade defeated Persia Pierce by submission with an ankle lock in Round 2. Blade showed sportsmanship by holding the ropes open so Pierce could leave the cage.

Blade said she wants to keep racking up the wins to get a shot at the CFU Title currently held by Masha Slamovich.

Weber Hatfield defeated Sid Von Engeland by submission with a knee bar in Round 2 with just a few seconds left in the round.

Ray Lyn defeated KZT by TKO after a kick followed by "ground and pound" in about 13 seconds of Round 3.

CFU Champion Masha Slamovich defeated Marina Shafir in Round 2 under controversy by referee stoppage. Slamovich held on to the cage while having Shafir in a leg lock. It should have been a disqualifaction but the referee didn't see Slamovich holding on. Shafir never tapped out.

Slamovich said it doesn't matter how she solved the problem but she did it. She said she will face anyone no matter if it's in a cage, ropes or no ropes.

Shafir said the problem has only just started for Slamovich.

The next show is on September 10 at the same location. Tickets are on sale now: