DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling “Believe The Hype” Results From August 6, 2022: First Women’s Champion Crowned

Raychell Rose vs. Rosemary

DPW "Believe The Hype" results from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA at the Holshouser Building on 8/6/22 now on DPW's On Demand service:

The show opened with an arrogant promo from Raychell Rose who guaranteed winning the women's title. She ran down the list of people she beat in the tournament and Rosemary is the only one left for her to defeat. She said she is ready for Rosemary and Rosemary will "bend the knee" to her.

DPW Worlds Champion Bojack pinned Donnie Ray with the Bojack Bomb. Ray immediately gave him a rolling kick followed by a dropkick into the ring corner to try to take him off of his feet. Bojack shoved him away a couple of time. Ray went for a springboard but Bojack knocked him down with a shoulder block. Backbreaker over the knee by Bojack but Rey kicked out at two. Rey sprang off the ropes again but Bojack knocked him down with a forearm this time. Bojack gave Rey a big spinebuster and started to work on the back with more power moves. He then locked in a bear hug. Rey bit him to get out of the bear hug and then kicked him in the head. Rey connected with a springboard DDT and gave him a suplex. GTR and some more power moves by Bojack but Rey did not stay down. Rey managed to get Bojack up for a powerbomb out of the ring corner. Bojack went to the floor to recover but Rey gave him a Moonsault. Bojack crawled back into the ring and Rey gave him three cannonballs in the ring corner. Rey did a swanton but he was too tired to go for the cover ASAP.  They exhanged blows in the middle of the ring. Superkick by Rey. Lariat by Bojack before the finish.

Shawn Kemp and Chase Holliday were shown outside debating about which one of them should be allowed to win the 5-Way Match coming up next.

Lucky Ali did a promo complaining about not getting a title shot yet in DPW. He said he will go through four others on the show to work his way to the top.

Jay Malachi won a 5-Way Match over Joe Lando, Shawn Kemp, Chase Holliday, and Lucky Ali by pinning Ali after a huge flying cutter off of the top rope. This wasn't billed as a #1 con. match but the announcers strongly suggested that it may as well be for a future title shot.

Emi Sakura did a promo. She scoffed at the idea of Mizuki being her opponent. She said she is Mizuki's highness.(Sakura trained Mizuki to be a pro wrestler).

Mizuki said this is her first time in America and she admitted she was a little nervous. She said she loves Emi Sakura but Sakura is "very bad".

Emi Sakura pinned Mizuki after the Ice Driver. They locked up and Sakura threw her down twice. Mizuki used the ropes for momentum to push Sakura into the ropes on the other side of the ring. Sakura won a knuckle lock test of strength. Mizuki bridged up but Sakura kept driving her knees on top of her. Mizuki still would not fold the bridge. Sakura was frustrated and pulled Mizuki's legs out from under her. Mizuki took her down with a flying head scissors but she spent too much time soaking up the crowd chanting her name. Sakura took control and gave her a thunderous chop in the ring corner. Sakura then tossed her around the ring by the hair. Sakura bit Mizuki's arm and then got her in a surfboard. Missile drop kick by Mizuki after escaping a couple of Sakura's finishing move attempts. Mizuki bit Sakura's arm in return and then gave her a few drop kicks which knocked her out of the ring. Mizuki did her diving bodypress to Sakura down on the floor and she gave her another one in the ring. Sakura fought back to give her a face plant. She backed Mizuki in the corner and rushed in on her with a crushing splash. She followed up with a twisting senton off the ropes. Mizuki was able to slip behind Sakura to briefly apply a sleeper hold but Sakura walked her backwards and crushed her into the ring corner to get her to break the hold. Mizuki got a rush of adrenaline and took Sakura down with a few high speed pin attempts. Mizuki hit the Cutie Special but couldn't fully get Sakura pinned and Sakura rolled away. Mizuki hit her rolling cross body block but missed the diving double stomp. Sakura gave her the double under hook backbreaker over the knee but she kicked out. The fans thought it was over. They got a standing ovation after the match and Mizuki got a "Please Come Back!" chant.

Baliyan Akki did a calm but intense promo. He said he first met DPW during the virus pandemic when there was really no wrestling going on. DPW sponsored the Choco Pro no fans shows on YouTube and Choco Pro is his home. He said his heart will always always belong to DPW for doing that. Now he is wrestling for them here for the DPW National Title.

DPW National Champion Calvin Tankman pinned Baliyan Akki after the Tankman Driver. They started off doing chain mat wrestling and then went into quick moves. Tankman shoved him down with authority then put him in a rest hold. The announcers keep mentioning how hot it is in the building. Both wrestlers took turns exchanging chops as sweat flew off of them. Bodyslam by Tankman. Tankman tossed him across the ring. They went back to trading chops and kicks. Akki dropkicked him out of the ring and then dove on him off the top rope to the floor. He followed up in the ring with a missile drop kick and then a diving crossbody. He missed a 450 splash but rallied back with a high dropkick. Akki with a Coast To Coast to Tankman's crotch but Tankman kicked out. Lariat by Tankman but Akki kicked out. It looked like it was over when Tankman gave him a back elbow to the head but Akki kicked out again. Spin kick by Akki for a two count. Akki hit a diving splash but Tankman got his knees up. Akki came off the top rope again but Tankman got him with an elbow this time. After the match, Akki said they can meet again but next time it can be for his Super Asia Title.

Chance Rizer and Patrick Scott where shown trying to find Chris Danger who was "abducted" by JD Drake and Anthony Henry on a DPW previous event. They still didn't find him.

JD Drake, Anthony Henry, and Mason Myles defeated Chance Rizer, Patrick Scott, and Alec Price when Myles pinned Price after Scott and Rizer abandoned Price in the match. Myles carried Chris Danger out over his shoulder before the match. Danger was handcuffed so he couldn't interfere and Myles made him sit at ringside so they could keep an eye on him. As the heels were distracted, Drake and Henry got in the ring and attacked from behind. Price injured Drake's arm in the match with a diving double stomp. Henry went to the back to get checked out for a long time. Of course he came back out later to make the "hot tag" and he gave chops to all of the heels. Rizer and Scott collected Danger from ringside after several minutes of action and they all went back to the locker room. The announcers said Rizer and Scott only cared about getting Danger back so they no longer cared about Price after getting what they wanted.

Andrew Everett did an outside promo to hype up the main event. He said he got a chance to recently compete in DDT in Japan thanks to the recommendation of Konosuke Takeshita.  

Gringo Loco won a 3-Way Match over ASF and La Estrella by pinning La Estrella with a driver. Lots of dives, high speed, and high risk to where it was impossible to take notes.

Rosemary did a taped promo going into the title tournament finals coming up next. She had her back turned to the camera at first. She turned around and was foaming at the mouth.

Raychell Rose pinned Rosemary after hitting her with the title belt in the DPW Women's Worlds Title finals to become the company's first Women's Champion. Rosemary sat in the corner during the ring introductions and locked in a horror movie character stare at Rose but Rose was confidently showing no fear. Rosemary ran at her right at the opening bell and tackled her. Rose tried to fight back but Rosemary gave her a side slam and then knocked her out to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline. She tried to dive on Rose after placing her in a chair in the crowd but Rose moved out of the way and got back in the ring. Rose hoped to get the win by Count Out. She blocked Rosemary from getting back in the ring and decided to attack her on the floor. She choked Rosemary with the camera crew's cables and then brought her back into the ring. Rosemary charged at her but Rose gave her a drop toe hold and then put her in a submission hold to the crowd's surprise. Rosemary was able to catch her in the corner and locked on The Upside Down. They knocked each other down by giving each other a big boot. They got up and brawled. Rosemary hit her with a few clotheslines and then an overhead suplex. Rose kicked her off into the corner to counter a submission hold attempt and then gave her a super kick. Rosemary gave her a Sliding D. They fought to get an advantage and then Rose gave her a DDT. Rosemary side stepped Rose's spear and then Rose did the same thing when Rosemary tried to give her one. Rosemary tried to choke Rose out in frustration. The referee separated them. Rosemary accidentally spit the mist in the referee's face while aiming for Rose. With the referee bumped, Rose brought the Women's Title belt into the ring to try to use as a weapon. Rosemary grabbed her but got kicked off. A second referee came out to count the pin and officially gave Rose the title.

Rose will be allowed to make her first title defense in different company vs. Delilah Doom on 8/27/22 for New Texas Pro Wrestling.

Here are the results from the rest of the DPW Women's Worlds Title Tournament:

Rosemary defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto in a First Round Match in Raleigh on April 16, 2022.

Raychell Rose defeated Angelica Risk in a First Round Match in Raleigh on 5/15/22.

Savannah Evans pinned Heidi Howitzer after a Full Nelson Slam in a First Round Match on 5/15/22 in Raleigh.

Promise Braxton pinned Janai Kai after a TKO in a First Round Match on 5/15/22 in Raleigh.

Raychell Rose pinned Promise Braxton after the Off With Her Head in a DPW Women's Worlds Title Tournament Semifinal Match on July 10, 2022 in Durham.

Rosemary pinned Savannah Evans after a spear in a DPW Women's Worlds Title Tournament Semifinals Match on July 10, 2022 in Durham.

Diego Hill did a promo to hype the next match. He said he has a lot to prove and this will be the match of his career.

Dante Martin pinned Diego Hill after the springboard Moonsault.

Konosuke Takeshita did a promo. He said he was excited to face Andrew Everett to see if he really is a giant.

Konosuke Takeshita pinned Andrew Everett with what looked like a modified powerbomb over the shoulder. It started out like a high speed match with heavyweights. They both tried to give each other clotheslines and then countered each other with leap frogs. They took a small break in the action to shake hands in respect. They exchanged headlocks and wristlocks. Takeshita casually knocked Everett down with a forearm shot. Later in the match, Takeshita took him down to the floor to brawl and Everett posted him. They fought on the ring and Takeshita gave him a DDT on the apron. Back in the ring, Takeshita knocked him down with another forearm shot. Everett avoided more punishment by whirling around him with a DDT. Everett tried to give him the chokeslam but he blocked it. Takeshita tried to give Everett a chokeslam of his own but Everett escaped. Everett tried to spring off the ropes but Takeshita caught him for a Blue Thunder Bomb. Everett sprang off the ropes twice to connect with two spin-wheel kicks. He missed a third one but did hit a springboard Moonsault and a LionSault. After a few more minutes of back and forth action, Everett finally gave him the chokeslam but he kicked out at one. (That's the latest trendy thing we've noticed in a few indies the last few months, where someone hits their big finisher and the opponent kicks out at one. I'm sure it will be overkilled like doors as weapons and thumbtacks. In this case it did get a big pop). Everett hit a Shooting Star Press but Takeshita kicked out at two. Takeshita gave Everett a lariat off the top rope when Everett tried to chokeslam him off the top rope. Takeshita followed with the knee strike but Everett kicked out. Everyone thought it was over at that moment.

The next DPW event is on 9/17/22 called "DPW Victory Lap" in Raleigh, North Carolina at C3 At The Venue. Jungle Kyona is booked for the show. DPW Worlds Champion Bojack defends against Jay Malachi.