DEFY “Wild Ones” Results From April 30, 2022

DEFY’s First Live Event Special On Pluto TV

DEFY “Wild Ones” Results From April 30, 2022

DEFY "Wild Ones" results from  Seattle, Washington, USA 🇺🇸 at Washington Hall on 4/30/22 live on Pluto TV's Pro Wrestling Channel (ch.732):

Rich Bocchini and Colt Cabana are the broadcast team. The show is sold out. It's the first live broadcast event for the company on free Pluto TV.

Swerve Strickland, Nick Wayne and Adam Brooks defeated Defy Interim World Champion Christopher Daniels and Midnight Heat (Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl) when Wayne pinned Daniels with an inside cradle after Daniels dumped Strickland out of the ring. The stipulation was if Swerve, Wayne, and Brooks lost they could never challenge Daniels for the title as long as he is champion. Swerve was jealous that Wayne got the win and he walked to the back angry while Wayne and Brooks celebrated in the ring. The announcers said Wayne should be the first of the three to get a title shot since he won the fall by pinning the champion.

Big Damo pinned Kevin Blackwood after the Belfast Blitz. Damo dragged Blackwood in the ring after and made him shake his hand.

June 25 is the next show in Seattle.

PCW Ultra Women's Champion Danika Della Rouge pinned Kikyo by illegally using feet on the ropes.

SCHAFF pinned Timothy Thatcher after his inverted TKO finisher. Wrestling Observer's Jim Valley interviewed SCHAFF after the match. SCHAFF said he is the baddest wrestler in the business and he invited anyone from any promotion to come to the company to face him.

Steve Migs pinned El Phantasmo after a Full Nelson Slam after getting help from ETHAN HD. HD was the cornerman for Migs. The referee was bumped near the end of the match. HD got in the ring and turned on Migs. He helped ELP set Migs in a chair and ELP went up to the top rope to try to finish Migs off. But it was all a swerve. HD turned on ELP and allowed Migs time to recover. Migs gave ELP a low blow and slammed him off the ropes into two chairs in the ring. HD woke up the referee to count the pin. (Fun Facts: In addition to being a pro wrestler, ETHAN HD owns Destiny City Comics in Tacoma, WA. Steve Migs is the morning show personality with BJ Shea on 999KISW radio in Seattle).

DEFY World Tag Team Champions The Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra and Harv Sihra) defeated C4 (Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas) by submitting them both at the same time with a pair of Sharpshooters. They all hugged and shook hands after. The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Jon Moxley pinned "Filthy" Tom Lawlor after the Paradigm Shift. They both bled but Lawlor looked the worse at the end. In the closing moments they both countered each others submission attempts. Moxley battered Lawlor with a series of knee strikes to the head to set up the finish. Moxley thanked the crowd. He said Lawlor is an official friend of the Blackpool Combat Club. He said DEFY is a friend of AEW. He asked the crowd if they liked tag team wrestling and told them if they asked loud enough Bryan Danielson might come with him.

The crowd was so loud you couldn't hear the announcers for the majority of the show.