ECWA Women’s Super 8 Tournament Coming This Summer, ECWA Results From June 25, 2022

Women’s Wrestling News

Jordan Blade, Abby Jane, Riley Shepard, Bonesaw Brooks, Adena Steele, Cosmic, Mother Endless, and Killian McMurphy will be the competitors in the ECWA Women's Super 8 which  will take place on 8/6/22 in Paulsboro, New Jersey at The Monster Factory.

Here are the results of ECWA's "Heat Stroke 2022" event from Morganville, New Jersey, USA at The Jersey Dugout on 6/25/22 live on YouTube:

ECWA Tag Team Champions The Marvelous Ones - Greg Spitz and Teddy Fine (with Sweet Reginald) defeated The Flabtastics - Abs Armstrong and Travis Lee (with Coach Jim Shorts) when Armstrong was pinned after The Marvelous Ending double team finisher. The heels continued to attack after their win until Bobby Boran ran in to stop them.

Sweet Reginald pinned Bobby Boran after The Marvelous Ones interfered and tripped Boran from outside the ring. Boran has to now be their butler because of the stipulation.

ECWA Legacy Champion Erica Leigh pinned Killian McMurphy (with Big Dust) after a spear. The referee was accidentally bumped. Big Dust interfered and accidentally kicked McMurphy in the crotch while going for Leigh to set up the finish. McMurphy attacked Leigh after. He said he will enter into the Women's Super 8. Erica Leigh was in this year's Super 8 on the men's side losing in the finals to Darius Carter. If McMurphy wins the Women's Tournament, he will be the first to have won both Super 8 Tournaments.

World-1 Heavyweight Champion Clutch Rockwell came out to the ring. He hyped up his match against Shane Douglas tonight. He said Douglas won't be alone because Pitbull Gary Wolfe will be with him. ECWA Heavyweight Champion Sam Shields came out to interrupt. He offered to be Rockwell's tag team partner and make it a tag match. Rockwell agreed.


Joey Martinez pinned Jacob Tarasso after a low blow followed by a driver in a #1 con. match for the Legacy Title.

Shane Douglas came out by himself. He said the airline lost his bags. He brought out Pitbull Gary Wolfe and said the airline didn't screw him over.

Clutch Rockell and Sam Shields  defeated Shane Douglas and Pitbull Gary Wolfe when Rockwell pinned Wolfe with a cradle after Douglas betrayed Wolfe and left the ring refusing to try to break up the pin. Douglas wrestled in regular clothing instead of his gear.

Mike Law attacked Shields after the match and wanted a title match. The referee allowed it. Rockwell didn't stop the attack and left ringside.

ECWA Heavyweight Champion Sam Shields pinned Mike Outlaw after a face buster.

Rockwell came back out after and argued with Shields then attacked him from behind. He gave him a top rope splash and held the World-1 Title over him.