EVE Riot Grrrls Of Wrestling “SHE1 2022” Results (Show 4- The Finals) From June 19, 2022

SHE1 2022 Tournament Finals

EVE Riot Grrrls Of Wrestling “SHE1 2022” Results (Show 4- The Finals) From June 19, 2022

EVE Riot Grrrls Of Wrestling “SHE1 2022” Tournament results from London, U.K. at 229 The Venue on 6/19/22 live on YouTube. First half is free. Second half is the under the $10 USD monthly membership fee:

Charlie Morgan and EVE Champion Jetta defeated Session Moth Martina and EVE International Champion Laura Di Matteo when they both pinned Martina after a superkick (Morgan) and a clothesline (Jetta).

Rhio pinned Rayne Leverkusen after her rope hanging spinning neckbreaker finisher.

EVE Tag Team Champions  Rhia O'Reilly and Skye Smitson defeated AAAW Singles Champion Takumi Iroha and Veny when Smitson pinned Veny after a double team. This was a non-title match. The Uprising continued to attack after the match.

Skye Smitson dragged Japanese legend Chigusa Nagayo into the ring so she and O'Reilly could beat her up. Nagayo is here to be inducted into the EVE Hall of Fame later on in the show. She fought back and gave Smitson a Death Valley Bomb and O'Reilly a lariat.


Kanji defeated NightShade by triangle choke submission with 1:26 left in the 15-minute time limit.

EVE Executive Producer Dann Read came out to induct Chigusa Nagayo into the EVE Hall of Fame. He gave a great speech talking about how he was always a fan of pro wrestling but wanted more variety than just WWF and WCW when he was growing up so he got into tape trading for content around the world. He mentioned women's pro wrestling being banned in the U.K. during the 1980s and part of the 1990s. He said Nagayo was part of the Crush Gals tag team (with Lioness Asuka) in which they transcended pro wrestling as pop stars and actors. He said it means a lot to him and his wife and the locker room to be able to recognize stars of the past. He brought Nagayo out to a big standing ovation. She bowed to the crowd and was emotional.

Nagayo spoke via a translator named Emi. Nagayo said she started out as a teen and her dream came true. She said she would like to bring other Marvelous talent to EVE.

Read said Emi is selling a Zero1 t-shirt to help Shinjiro Otani's medical expenses.

Read said Kasey is out of action due to injuries so she will not be in the SHE1 Finals which was supposed to be a 3-Way Match with all the tournament block winners. Kasey won the B Block. It will now be a singles match with A Block winner Alex Windsor vs. C Block winner Emersyn Jayne.

Alex Windsor pinned Emersyn Jayne by ducking a chair shot attempt and cradling her to win the SHE1 Tournament. Jayne attacked after but Jetta and Charlie Morgan made the save. Read gave Windsor a trophy. He said she will be in the main event of Wrestle Queendom on November 13. Windsor said she wants a shot at the EVE International Title currently held by Laura Di Matteo. She said she also wants the International Princess Title from Maki Itoh in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.