EVE "God Save The Wrestle Queens" Results From June 3, 2022

Women’s Wrestling From The United Kingdom

EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling "God Save The Wrestle Queens" results from London, UK at The Electric Ballroom on 6/3/22 live on YouTube (first half free, second half for $10 USD a month):

Alexxis Falcon and NightShade are off the card due to illness.

EVE Champion Jetta defeated Nina Samuels in a non-title dark match. It was dark because of Samuels' deal with NXT UK.

Charlie Morgan and Alex Windsor defeated Safire Reed and Kacie Summers when Morgan pinned Reed after the Swanton Bomb. This was a #1 con. match for the EVE Tag Team Titles. The champions Rhia O'Reilly and Skye Smitson attacked Morgan and Windsor from behind as they were celebrating the win. O'Reilly said the match wouldn't be happening later because it's happening now.

EVE Tag Team Champions Rhia O'Reilly and Skye Smitson defeated Charlie Morgan and Alex Windsor when Smitson pinned Windsor. Windsor had Smitson in the Sharpshooter but O'Reilly quickly ran int0 the ring after brawling on the floor with Morgan and hit Windsor in the back of the head with one of the tag team title belts. Morgan was still down on the floor with the referee and she couldn't make the save in time. After the match, Morgan said it wasn't over and they're still coming after the champions.


The AVA pinned Clementine after the Gotch Neutralizer.

EVE International Champion Laura Di Matteo defeated Mercedez Blaze by submission in a non-title match.

Kasey pinned Emersyn Jayne after the Killing Joke. Chairs and thumbtacks were used as weapons. They took turns putting skewers into each other's heads. Jayne was bleeding from the head.

The next shows (unless the company decides to fit in another surprise event like they've been doing) are the SHE-1 Tournament Weekend on 6/18/22 & 6/19/22 with double headers on each day at 229 The Venue. Those will also be broadcast on YouTube. AEW's Jamie Hayter will be returning for these shows.