Exclusive Details On NXT UK Talent Releases


WWE announced the ending of NXT UK in its current form today. According to the corporate wording, the brand will stop production after next month so it can serve as "the foundation" for the new NXT Europe which will be launched in 2023. The new brand will still use pro wrestlers from the UK in addition to talent from other parts of Europe.

The last event under the NXT UK name will take place on 9/4/22 with "Worlds Collide". The location of the show was not announced yet but it is excepted to be an NXT 2.0 vs. NXT UK themed card. It will air on Peacock and the WWE Network. Blair Davenport and a few other NXT UK stars made surprise appearances on this week's episode of NXT 2.0 to presumably set the "Worlds Collide" plans in motion.

With the restructuring of NXT in the European market, several members of the NXT UK roster were released today. They are: Amale, Mark Andrews, Xia Brookside, Eddie Dennis, Saxton Huxley, Amir Jordan, Dani Luna, Dave Mastiff, Emilia McKenzie, Primate, Nina Samuels, Sha Samuels, Sid Scala, Trent Seven, Ashton Smith, Jack Starz, T-Bone, Teoman, Flash Morgan Webster, Wild Boar, and Kenny Williams.

We were informed this evening that everyone still has the 30 day no-compete clause per usual even in this situation. Our sources said everyone found out about their release "effectively in the order" their names were announced by the pro wrestling media publicly today.

A few names on the list were already scheduled to appear on some UK indies shows within the next few weeks. The promoters were trying to find out from WWE if the talent will still be banned from having their matches airing live on the broadcast streams since they are released but under the no-compete.

WWE had a deal with a few UK indie companies where some NXT UK talent was allowed to wrestle on indie shows, but their matches had to be dark for the television audiences. The situation was even more stressful for the promoters knowing that WWE could possibly pull the NXT UK talent off of events at any time and for any reason.

We have been told that a few other names on the list found bookings immediately on upcoming UK indie shows when their 30 day no-compete clause ends.