FLAWLESS Wrestling “Notorious” Results (Event Now On Title Match Network)

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FLAWLESS Wrestling results from Maryville, Tennessee, USA at The Book & The Bird Tavern on 7/15/22 now airing on Title Match Network:


Kylie Alexa (with Dillion McQueen) pinned Dream Girl Ellie with a Code Red. Alexa is the younger sister of Kenzie Paige. This is only her second match in FLAWLESS. Both siblings were trained by Dr. Tom Prichard and Kane. Ellie attacked Alexa before the bell and backed her into a ring corner. She went for a shoulder block but missed. Alexa gave her a couple of arm drags. Ellie blocked the third arm drag attempt and backed Alexa back in the corner to grind her down after a little back and forth action. Ellie took her to the outside of the ring and bullied her around then brought her back in. Alexa was able to kick her down as McQueen cheered her on at ringside. Alexa hit her with looked like a few leaping clotheslines followed by a snapmare and a stunner. Alexa tried to come off the ropes with a crossbody but slipped. Ellie gave her a German Suplex.

Rylee Rockett pinned Rita Racoon after a codebreaker. Racoon went after Rockett right away by scratching her back. She tried to cradle Rockett for a quick win but Rockett was able to get control. Rockett tried to disable one of Racoon's arms on the ropes. They got into a back and forth slugfest. Brittany Jade ran out to cause a distraction as Racoon was about to give Rockett a double arm DDT. When Racoon turned around to get her focus back into the match Rockett hit her with the codebreaker. After the match, Jade rolled Racoon out of the ring and celebrated with Rockett.

Ella Envy (with Kenzie Paige) pinned Brittany Jade (with Rylee Rockett) after a Shining Wizard. Envy and Paige came out to the ring with the NWA Women's World Tag Team Titles. Jade grabbed Envy in a headlock at the start. Envy shot her off the ropes but Jade came back and knocked her down with a shoulder tackle. They crisscrossed each other in the ring and Envy knocked her down with a shoulder tackle of her own. Envy backed her in a corner after some forearms and chops and then delivered a handspring elbow. She whipped Jade into the opposite ring corner and gave her a kick and leg sweep. She tried to go for a face wash but Jade got out of the way. Jade wrapped Envy's leg around a ring rope and started to repeatedly attack on the leg. Envy gave her a headbutt followed by a big clothesline out of the corner but was limping on the leg. She managed another clothesline and got Jade into the ring corner again for the kick and leg sweep. She did hit the face wash this time but she was slow to go in for the cover. Jade was frustrated that she injured Envy but yet still couldn’t finish her off. She gave her a big knee strike and tried to charge at her in a ring corner but Envy moved out of the way. Envy gave her a German Suplex. Paige got in the ring after the match to congratulate Envy and help her out of the ring.

In our view, Paige and Envy are the only talent that is worth watching in the NWA these days going into the lackluster and overloaded NWA 74th Anniversary weekend on 8/27/22 and 8/28/22. They will defend the NWA Women's World Tag Team Titles against Allysin Kay and Marti Belle in a Street Fight on the second night which seems to be the better of the two cards on paper.

Dillon McQueen (with Kylie Alexa) pinned ThunderKitty after blocking her attempt to give him a low blow. TK slapped McQueen a couple of times but it didn't do much. He returned with a slap. McQueen had the size and "youth advantage" over TK but TK wore him down with her rough and tumble 1950s style of women's wrestling. McQueen and Alexa danced in the ring after to celebrate the win.

Kenzie Paige (with Ella Envy) defeated Alice Crowley in a Parking Lot Brawl after hitting her with one of the NWA Women's World Tag Team Title belts that Envy handed off to her. This match was literally held outside in the parking lot. You had to win by a knockout/ten count. They went right after each other then Crowley threw Paige into a wall. She tried to hit her with a chair up against the wall but Paige moved out of the way just in time. Paige then grabbed a chair of her own and they swung them at each other. Eventually Paige was able to knock the chair out of Crowley's hand but then Crowley threw a plastic chair right at her. They did a "bar fight" spot hitting each other while sitting in the chairs face to face. Crowley gave her a suplex on the concrete. Paige's elbow was bloody. They ended up brawling into the alley. Paige sent Crowley face first into a fence. They did another "bar fight" spot exchanging chops and then Paige got a kick in. Crowley slammed her on a chair. They brawled near a dumpster and tried to throw each other in it. Paige did a corkscrew dive off of ledge. Paige has lost so much weight to the point where we didn't even recoginze her at first since the last time we covered an event she was on.

FLAWLESS always puts on entertaining events on Title Match Network but they seem to do themselves a disservice in a couple of ways. First, the shows are not very well promoted at all. Their Twitter account hasn't posted anything since 5/1/22. The last time the Facebook page posted anything was on 7/15/22 (the day of this show). They always give us the impression that we won't know exactly when or if there will be another show but we can't wait for the next one. Second, it takes them weeks before they send in the video footage of the shows to TMN to finally be put up as VOD. We always have to wait a long time before we even get to see these events to cover them.