Freelance Wrestling “Press Start To Continue” Results From June 30, 2022: Effy and Allie Katch vs. Laynie Luck and GPA

Freelance On IWTV

Freelance Wrestling "Press Start To Continue" results from Chicago, Illinois, USA at the Emporium on 6/30/22 live on IWTV:

The show is sold out.

Angel Escalera won a 6-Way Scramble Match over Xavier Sky, Sean Galway, Guerrera Del Brisenas, Aaron Payne, and Matt Knicks by pinning Galway after a Moonsault.

Trevor Outlaw got on the mic but there were technical issues so nobody could really hear him. Isaiah Velazquez came out and ran him off.

Isaiah Velazquez pinned Ezio Orlandi after a double arm piledriver.

Project Monix pinned Xavier Walker after the Final Phase DDT.

Freelance Tag Team Champions August Matthews and Davey Bang defeated Darius Latrell and Koda Hernandez after they gave both of their opponents 450 Splashes for a double pin.


Alfonso Gonzalez pinned Dan The Dad by illegally using feet on the ropes.

GCW Tag Team Champions Allie Katch and Effy defeated Laynie Luck and GPA when Katch pinned Luck after giving her a piledriver on top of GPA. This was really good and in our view one of the best indie matches of the year. Non-stop action with a few suspenseful near falls at the end.

Freelance Champion Storm Grayson pinned Jake Something after two running knee strikes up against the ropes. Frank The Clown ran in after and hit Grayson from behind. Grayson backed him into a corner but said he wasn't going to hurt him. He told Frank he was bringing in Mick Foley for the August 5 show. He said Foley is sick of Frank too.