Freelance Wrestling 8th Anniversary Results From June 17, 2022

Freelance Wrestling Anniversary

Freelance Wrestling "Freelance vs. The World" results from Chicago, Illinois, USA at Logan Square Auditorium on 6/17/22 live on IWTV:

This is the 8th Anniversary Show for Freelance Wrestling.

Calvin Tankman won a Scramble Match over Jah-C, Chico Suave, Bradley Prescott IV, Angel Escalera, and Cole Radrick by pinning Prescott with a driver.

GPA and Laynie Luck defeated The Premier (SK Bishop and Campbell Myers) when Luck pinned Bishop after the YuniCutter set up by a low blow from GPA.

Xavier Sky pinned Project MONIX in a Lumberjack Match  after a brainbuster.

Bang Bros won a 3-Way Tag Team Titles Match over Freelance Tag Team Champions Take It Homewreckers ... and Darius Latrell & Koda Hernandez ... to win the titles by pinning Hernandez.


Kylie Rae pinned Alfonso Gonzalez after superkicking a chair in his face when he tried to use it as a weapon during a ref bump.

Freelance Legacy Champion Bryan Keith pinned Trey Miguel with the Soul Fire Bomb.

Taylor Rising, Mark Wheeler and Jessie V defeated Jason Hotch, Blair Onyx and Sam Beale when Wheeler pinned Onyx after a double team finisher (with Jessie V).

Owner Matt Knicks came out to the ring to thank the fans and talk briefly about the company history. He said the next show is Aug. 5 with Mick Foley coming in. Trevor Outlaw came out to bicker with him and got punched in the face.

Storm Grayson pinned Freelance World Champion Robert Anthony (with Frank the Clown) with a counter to win the title.