GCW “Cage of Survival” Results From June 5, 2022


GCW “Cage of Survival” Results From June 5, 2022

GCW “Cage of Survival” results from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA at The Showboat on 6/5/22 live on FITE:

GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray won a 6-Way Match over Speedball Mike Bailey, Akira, Cole Radrick, Jimmy Llyod, Nick Wayne, and Jordan Oliver by pinning Bailey after a lariat.

Masha Slamovich pinned Lufisto after escaping the Burning Hanmer attempt and hitting a spin kick followed by the package piledriver.

Mace Warner and Matthew Justice defeated KTB and Shane Mercer when Justice pinned KTB after a top splash set up by KTB was getting superplexed into a door in the ring.

Sawyer Wreck pinned Joey Janela after a big choke slam off the top rope into a door between chairs in the ring. Wreck is over 6ft tall. She got a big pop from the crowd and they chanted "Please Come Back!" at her. She and Janela shook hands after.

Matt Cardona came out in a wheelchair being pushed by Chelsea Green. He was wearing a neck brace too. Play by Play announcer Dave Prazack sold it well and questioned why he was in a wheelchair and neck brace when it's his arm that was injured.

Cardona was supposed to face Blake Christian on this show. Green said Christian wants her but she's a ride that has a height requirements and he doesnt cut it. She compared him to Carrot Top, Opie Taylor (aka Ron Howard on The Andy Griffith Show), and Scrappy Doo. She blamed him for hurting Cardona.

Cardona said it was supposed to be an important night. He said he made his debut last year. He called himself "The Death Match King" who has carried the company but nobody respects him. He said he has surgery on Tuesday and will be out 3-5 months. He blamed Christian for hurting him in a match last week in Vegas.

Blake Christian came out. He said he was sorry and said Cardona was his favorite wrestler in WWE at the time. It was insincere and he went on to insult Cardona and made fun of his WWE career. He talked about Kane pushing him off the stage in a wheelchair. He said they could still have the match and he will lay down for him.

Christian laid down but kicked out at two. Green got in the ring with a chair but hit Cardona by accident. Christian super kicked Green out of the ring.

Blake Christian pinned Matt Cardona after a super kick in around a minute. Green sat on Cardona's lap as he wheeled back to the locker room surrounded by security after the match.

Ciclope and Mideo Extremo defeated Rina Yamashita and Toru Sugiura in a Death Match when Extremo pinned Yamashita after a Fire Thunder Driver on light tubes. Big wild bloody brawl with lots of light tubes used. They all hugged and posed for the crowd who gave them a standing ovation.

Intermission to set up the cage for the main event.

The cage has barb wire boards, light tubes, a pane of glass and other weapons in and around it. A scaffold and plank are also part of it. The rules are one fall to a finish, so no escaping the cage to win. A referee is in the ring but there doesn't look like much room with all the weapons.

Alex Colon defeated GCW Ultraviolent Champion John Wayne Murdoch to win the title by submission with the Camel Clutch in Cage of Survival. They started off fighting on top of the cage then climbed down toward the floor. They both fell off and Colon crashed into a bunch of light tubes. One section of the cage is wrapped in barb wire and Murdoch scratched Colon's head with it. They both went into the cage and Murdoch broke tubes on Colon's head to make him bleed more. Colon placed a tube behind Murdoch's head and gave him a stunner. He threw Murdoch into a bunch of tubes surrounded by wood in the ring corner. Big running knee shot from Colon to Murdoch with light tubes on Murdoch. Murdoch back dropped Colon out of the ring into a big pane of glass. There is an open section of cage on one side of the ring. Colon with a double stomp to Murdoch with light tubes under him. They both went to fight on top again. Murdoch gave him a spinning neck breaker into a pane of glass and then down into a door below. Colon with a double stomp of Murdoch with tubes on him but a kick out at one. They shook hands after and Murdoch gave him the title belt.