GCW "Tournament Of SurVIIval" Results From June 4, 2022

GCW Deathmatch Action

GCW "Tournament Of SurVIIval" results from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA at The Showboat on 6/4/22 live on FITE:

Nick Gage came out to open the show and talk to the crowd.

Rina Yamashita pinned Hoodfoot after the Splash Moutain off the second rope into light tubes in a 1st Round Match. Hoodfoot tried to hit her with a light tube early on but she gave a headbutt into it on his head. She put down a pile of light tubes and splashed into them to show how tough she is. She put down and pile and offered him to do the same thing. He did it and she tried to cover him quickly. They bashed each other over the head with a couple of light tubes. She threw Hoodfoot into a big bundle of light tubes set up in the corner. He recovered and threw a bundle of tubes on top of her then followed up with a German Suplex with a light tube behind her neck. Both bled and Hoodfoot's back was covered in light tube glass at the end.

Matt Tremont pinned Slade after hitting him with a bundle of light tubes over the head and giving him a DVD on chairs in the ring. Slade immediately stood right up after Tremont's previous DVDs on the chairs. Tremont was so bloodly he even had blood all over his teeth. They used bats lined with spikes and other weapons on them.

Toru Sugiura pinned Shane Mercer after putting a Hoolahoop of light tubes around Mercer and a running forearm shot into it in a 1st Round Match. It was a traditional wrestling match for a few minutes then Mercer hit him with a bundle of tube. Sugiura got him in a corner and punch a few tubes into Mercer then splashed into him with tubes. Action went to the floor and Mercer tossed him into the crowd. Back in the ring, Mercer press slammed him with one hand to smash a bundle of light tubes into his face with the other hand. Mercer tried to whip him with a metal whip but he blocked it with a chair then choked Mercer with it. He gave Mercer a leg sweep into glass. Mercer recovered and stuffed light tubes down Sugiura's pants and slammed him into the mat. Sugiura with a Spanish Fly but Mercer kicks out at one. Mercer's left arm was bleeding badly.

Drew Parker pinned Cole Radrick after headbutting him off of a ladder into a door in the ring followed by a swanton off the top of the ladder in a 1st Round Match. They started off with wrist locks and Parker arm dragged him right into light tubes then gave him an Irish Whip into more tubes. They brawled on the outside and Radrick gave a running cannonball to Parker who was swt up in a chair covered in tubes. Parker rolled him in the ring and grabbed a bunch of tubes to use. Radrick gave Parker a 619 in the corner with tubes against Parker's back. Parker slammed him into a ladder set up in the corner. Parker threw darts into the open cuts on Radrick's bloody back. Radrick did a senton with tubes laid out under Parker. Radrick broke a tube into Parker's mouth. Radrick kicked a tube into Parker's head then gave him a springboard cutter. Radick slammed him on a ladder between chairs. He covered Parker with tubes and did a Lion Sault but couldn't pin him. Brainbuster by Parker but couldn't get the pin either. Parker lined up light tubes between two ladders but Radrick managed to drive him into them instead.


GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray won a 6-Way Match over Nick Wayne, Yoya, Jordan Oliver, Lindsay Snow, and Sawyer Wreck by pinning Yoya after a powerbomb off the top rope.

Matt Tremont pinned Toru Sugiura after a DVD on a barb wire board covered in light tubes in a 2nd Round Tournament Match. They hugged and shook hands after. Sugiura gave Tremont a cannon ball into a barb wire board in the corner in the match and the barb wire got stuck around his own body.

The crew is setting up plates panes of glass in the ring corners for the next match.

Drew Parker pinned Rina Yamashita in a 2nd Round Match after diving on her with a swanton into a glass pane over her set up between chairs in the ring. They traded forearm shots to start off. Parker was going to try to give her the brainbuster but she rushed him into the corner and smashed him into one of the panes of glass. She followed up with a light tube shot to his head and then his leg. After they struggled to get an advance on each other, Parker sent her face first into the other glass pane then threw the darts at her back. He smashed two tubes on her back then suplexed her on the broken parts. Yamashita superplexed him through a glass pane that he set up between two chairs in the ring. They shoved glass in each other's mouth and went back to trading forearm shots and then collapsed. Yamashita was full of blood at this point. She put a couple tubes on his chest and gave him a diving splash off the top rope.

They introduced Mad Man Pondo, Mr. Insanity, and Wifebeater were brought to the ring. They will be part of the Deathmatch Hall of Fame Ceremony which will air for free on YouTube at 9pm EST.

Pondo thanked everyone for continuing what they all started decades ago. He said the other two are smarter than him because they got out and have lives and wives. He said he isn't done yet. He paid tribute Trazan Goto, Mr. Pogo, Spider Boodrow, Colt 45, Brain Damage, Nate Hatred, Markus Crane, and Danny Havoc.

John Wayne Murdoch came out to interrupt the segment. He said he wants to shut the whole show down. He said he was tired of hearing them crying and talking about the past. He said GCW is one of the worst Deathmatch companies in the world. He said they use ropes but he's been in places with chains instead. He challenged Wifebeater  to a match.

Alex Colon came out and cut a promo on Murdoch. They will face each other tomorrow at the Cage of Survival. The distraction allowed the hardcore legends to team up and send Murdoch out of the ring.

There was a long intermission to set up the ring for the tournament finals. They took down the ropes and put up barb wire. There is a scaffold and light tubes around the ring.

Nick Mondo and Alex Colon came out with the tournament trophy. Nick Gage joined in to do guest commentary.

Drew Parker pinned Matt Tremont to win the tournament after a knee shot into Tremont with light tubes against the side of his head. They traded several light tube shots over each other's head. Parker tried to use a dart but Tremont took it jammed it into Parker's mouth. The dart stayed in Parker as Tremont hit him with more light tubes. Gage said Parker looked "hooked like a fish" with the dart in his mouth. Both men climbed up on the scaffold. Parker finally pulled out the dart and jammed it in Tremont's face. Parker threw him off the scaffold and gave the swanton but Tremont did not stay down. A burst of energy from Tremont as he gives Parker a DVD but Parker would not stay down.

Parker said it is because of Tremont that there is still Death Match wrestlers and Death Match places. He told the fans that he was injured several days ago in Las Vegas and doctors told him it would take a month but he got off the crutches in five days.