GLAM #5 Women’s Show Card For June 25, 2022: GLAM Title Vacated, Heidi Katrina Notes, Results

Women’s Wrestling from Europe

Rings of Europe will have another one of their GLAM women's events on 6/25/22 at the E_CUBE in Eisenstadt, Austria.

Jessy Jay will face Regina Rosendahl for the vacant GLAM Championship in a 2/3 Falls Match with the stipulation of pins, submissions, or putting your opponent through a table. The GLAM Championship was relinquished by Ayesha Raymond in May because she is back with SEAdLINNNG in Japan.

Heidi Katrina was supposed to have a match on the show against L A Taylor. Katrina is out of action after breaking her arm on June 13 in a match against Mila Smidt in Israel. RoE said a new opponent for Taylor will be announced at the show. A friend of Katrina's has set up a Go Fund Me to help cover her medical expenses. The injury did require surgery.

Other matches on GLAM #5 are Laura Di Matteo vs. Mila Smidt, and Clementine vs. Diana Strong.

Here are the results of GLAM #4 from Eisenstadt, Austria at E_CUBE on 3/19/22:

Maddison Miles pinned Nightshade after a stunner.

Molly Spartan pinned Heidi Katrina with a sit-out powerbomb.

Chantal Jordan pinned Aliss Ink after a kick to the side of the head.

Mila Smidt pinned Alexis Maria after a Gory Bomb.

GLAM Champion Ayesha Raymond pinned Regina Rosendahl after hitting her with a tennis racquet when the referee was distracted followed by a Liger Bomb.