GreekTown Wrestling “Hitman” Results From June 25, 2022: Title Change!

Pro Wrestling From Canada

Greektown Wrestling "Hitman" results from Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Ted Reeve Arena on 6/25/22 live on FITE:

Bret "Hitman" Hart did a meet and greet with fans before the show and the event was named in his honor.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander defeated Aiden Prince by submission with the ankle lock.

Taylor Wilde pinned CC Moss with a German Suplex.

Halal Beefcake (Idris Abraham and Joel Coleman) won a 3-Way Tag Team Match over Sabotage (Justin Newhook and Connors) & Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr. when they both pinned Newhook after a double team finisher. Newhook accidentally threw Halal Beefcake's protein powder in Connors' face to set up the finish.

Jock Samson came out to the ring. He said he will retire when someone beats him. Trent Gibson came out to confront him. Samson said they could have a match now. The announcers said Samson isn't cleared because he has a torn tricep. Gibson said he's booked tonight and walked away. Samson insulted him then Gibson ran back in the ring and attacked him from behind. Santino Marella made the save.

Marella and Gibson were supposed to have a match later but agreed to do it now. Gibson demanded that Marella use The Cobra. Marella agreed but warned him that he has a new weapon called "The Super Mega Body Slam."

Santino Marella pinned Trent Gibson with The Super Mega Body Slam after Jock Samson stopped Gibson from trying to use a cricket bat as a weapon. Gibson shoved them both after the match so Marella brought out The Cobra and "bit" him with it.

Just when we thought the segment was over, Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr. ran in and attacked Marella and Samson. They aligned with Trent Gibson. They're calling their group The League and threatened to take over GreekTown Wrestling.


Space Monkey won a 4-Way Match over Sonny Kiss, Troy Merrick, and Jason The Terrible by pinning Jason after a Moonsault. Jason chased everyone back to the locker room after the match. The announcers said they had doubts it was the Jason from Stampede Wrestling and suggested it was one of his many sons all named Jason as well.

Joe Doering pinned Bhupinder Gujjar with a spinning sit-out powerbomb.

The announcers said Impact Wrestling's Scott D'Amore is in the building watching everything.

Bret Hart came out near the entrance area and was flanked by two tall security guards. He thanked the fans for coming out to support indie wrestling. He said it was good to be back in Toronto. He said he has good memories of the city going back to the days of The Hart Foundation.

Channing Decker defeated GreekTown Wrestling Champion Eric Young to win the title in a Hardcore Match by submission with a Sharpshooter. The announcers said Young had just won the title from Franky The Beast King the night before.