Independent Wrestling Expo 7 Results From June 4, 2022


Independent Wrestling Expo 7 results from Fort Worth, Texas, USA at Rail Club Live on 6/4/22 live on Title Match Network:

Franco D' Angelo pinned Kari Wright after a pop-up spinebuster.

Eddie Martinez and Nate Collins defeated Ocho Camacho and Onix Camacho when Martinez pinned Onix after a double team finisher.

Nastico came out to the ring and said he was there to recruit new talent. He brought out Prince Ahmed and said he is a potential new client. He said he has seen Ahmed's videos and he was impressed. He said they should join forces and he can take him to new heights. Ahmed declined the offer. Nastico threw a bottled water in his face then ran out of the ring.

A Gauntlet Match is next. The winner gets into a tournament in August which will be for the IWE Heavyweight Championship. Carlos Diaz vs. Nate Black started it off. Diaz pinned Black with a reversal. Korey O'Neal is out next. O'Neal pinned Diaz with a pop-up powerbomb. Exodus Prime is out last. Korey O'Neal pinned Prime after a Muscle Buster to win the match.

Alejandra The Lion (with Nastico) pinned Nova Phoenix after her driving neckbreaker finisher. Nastico interfered and hit Phoenix with something while the referee was distracted.

APEX pinned Jay Alexander with a sitout powerbomb in a Tournament Qualifier Match.

Karl Fredericks pinned Barrett Brown after an Implant DDT.

Lou Gotti pinned Prince Ahmed after a package over the knee backbreaker in a Tournament Qualifier Match.

Dante Leon pinned Max Beckett after a twisting top rope splash.