Stan Styles’ Intergender Bonanza 13 Results From July 9, 2022

IGB 13

Stan Styles’ Intergender Bonanza 13 Results From July 9, 2022

IGB "Bash At The Bonanza" results from Williamstown, New Jersey, USA at H20 Wrestling Center on 7/9/22 live on IWTV:

Stan Stylez and Marc Angel came out to the ring. Stylez said he wanted to have Adena Steele join his CWO stable. He gave her gifts including a CWO t-shirt. She said she would give it a go but then clotheslined him and Angel down. Stylez said they would have their main event title match now but it will be No Disqualification.

IGB Super Champion Stan Stylez pinned Adena Steele after spraying a can of whip cream in her mouth and following up with a stunner. Marc Angel got involved by pulling the referee out of the ring when Steele had Stylez pinned. Angel gave Steele a superkick. Darien Hardway ran in and briefly made the save but then Stylez hit him with the shake weight. Styles said Steele was now banned.

Brittany Blake pinned Steve Scott after a diving double stomp to his back.

The Unwilting Tatiana pinned Rob Chase after the Crown of Thorns into a pile of NERDS candy.

Sean Henderson came out to the ring. He said it was a special occasion and he was going to manage someone. He brought out Matt Tremont. He said Tremont deserves the night off from wrestling. He called in some "goons" to get in the ring to try to beat up Mr. Ooh La La but they all got beat up with ease instead. Tremont then challenged Mr. Ooh La La to a blindfold match.

Matt Tremont went to a Double Disqualification with Mr. Ooh La La in the blindfold match. They both stumbled around the building unable to see. They attacked the referee at the same time thinking it was the other guy for the finish.


Christina Marie and Mike Law defeated Kristian Ross and Chris Bradley after a distraction from Stan Styles and Marc Angel. It allowed Marie the opportunity to push Bradley off the top rope to give him a flatliner then Law followed up with a frog splash for the pin. Styles got on the mic afterwards and said Ross and Bradley were banned too.

Marc Angel pinned Gabby Ortiz by illegally holding the ropes.

Darien Hardway vs. a mystery person is up next. Stan Styles and Marc Angel came out yet again. Styles asked Hardway if he was sure he wanted to have the match. Hardway was ready to compete. Styles introduced Xavier Cross as the opponent and the newest member of the CWO. Cross pinned Hardway by holding the tights after Styles caused a distraction. Styles said Hardway was banned.

Zoey Skye pinned Marcus Mathers after a back stabber and fast count when the referee turned heel and revealed he was a member of CWO. Skye was going to beat up the referee after the match but let Mathers do it. Styles said Mathers was banned.

Chad came out and said he won the lottery and he now owns IGB. He lifted everyone's bans. He said Stan Styles will have to defend the title in the Intergender Rumble and enter in at #1 next show.

Everyone who was banned came out to beat up the CWO and dump them over the top rope.