Jersey Championship Wrestling “Great American Birthday Bash” Results From July 10, 2022

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Jersey Championship Wrestling “Great American Birthday Bash” Results From July 10, 2022

JCW results from Ridgefield, New Jersey, USA at the Phil Sheridan Building on 7/10/22 live and free on YouTube:

"Speedball" Mike Bailey pinned Axton Ray after The Ultima Weapon.

GCW Tag Team Champions EFFY and Allie Katch defeated Edith Surreal and Delirious when Katch pinned Surreal after a piledriver set up by a spear from EFFY.

Billie Starkz pinned Nick Wayne with a roll up.

Masha Slamovich won a 3-Way Match over Janai Kai and Lindsay Snow by pinning Kai after the package piledriver.

Alec Price was supposed to face Tony Deppen but Deppen wasn't able to make it. Price made an open challenge. Homicide answered it.

Homicide pinned Alec Price after the Gringo Killa.

The Bunkhouse Stampede is next. The crew hung weapons around the ring. It's Rumble rules with two starting off then others coming in one at a time. Over The Top, pins, and submissions for eliminations. A  crystal cowboy hat is the prize.  

Grim Reefer and Charlie Tiger and Ellis Taylor were in first with Tiger and Taylor entering as a team. They all decided to smoke in the ring together while they waited for the next person to come out.

Marcus Mathers #4.

Dyln McKay #5.

Yoya #6. Charles Mason attacked Yoya and choked him then dragged him off to the back.

Mason #7.

Mason eliminated Reefer out of the ring.

McKay was eliminated by pin.

Akira #8.

Brandon Kirk #9.

One Called Manders #10.

Bsm Sullivan #11.

Joshua Bishop #12.

Bishop eliminsted Tiger and Ellis by pin after a DVD into a door.

Austin Luke #13.

Bishop eliminated Luke by over the top.

Bishop eliminated Mathers by over the top.

Big Vin #14.

Vin eliminated Bishop by over the top rope.

Casey Katal #15.

Kirk and Katal eliminated Vin by over the top rope.

Katal eliminated Akira by over the top rope.

Too Hot Steve Scott #16.

Bam Sullivan eliminated Scott by over the top then Charles Mason eliminated Sullivan by over the top.

Jeff Cannoball #17.

Kirk and Katal eliminated Cannonball by over the top rope.

Matt Tremont #18.

Manders eliminated Kirk by over the top rope.

Tremont eliminated Katal by over the top rope.

Charles Mason eliminated Tremont by referee stoppage with a choke hold.

Mason eliminated Manders by over the top rope.

Yoya won the match by finally entering at the end to eliminate Mason by over the top rope after hitting him with a chair.

Dragon Lee and Dralistico defeated Gringo Loco and ASF when Lee pinned ASF with the Dragon Bomb.

August 13 is the next show in Atlantic City.

Konosuke Takeshita pinned Cole Radrick after a running knee strike.