Jersey Championship Wrestling "Fully Loaded" From June 5, 2022

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Jersey Championship Wrestling "Fully Loaded" From June 5, 2022

Jersey Championship Wrestling "Fully Loaded" results from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA at The Showboat on 6/5/22 live and free on YouTube:

Dyln McKay pinned Azrieal after a move the announcers didn't know what to call (and neither do we). He held Azrieal in an electric chair position and sent him spiraling down with a twisting suplex.

Janai Kai pinned Lindsay Snow after the tornado  kick.

Charlie Tiger and Ellis Taylor defeated Edith Surreal and Steve Scott when Taylor pinned Scott after a double team finisher. Scott tagged himself in by a blind tag when he and Surreal wasn't ready. He blamed Surreal for the loss after and they walked seperate ways.

Jordan Oliver pinned Yoya with a Tiger Bomb.

1 Called Manders pinned Bam Sullivan after body slamming him off the ropes into a stack of doors and tables in the ring. Sullivan's forearm was cut and bleeding after. Manders said there is going to be a Bunkhouse Stampede on the July show and he wants the toughest in the company to be in it with him. He invited Sullivan to be in it.

Alec Price pinned Grim Reefer after the Suprice Kick.

GCW World Tag Team Champions BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) defeated Billie Starks and Marcus Mathers when Katch pinned Mathers after a piledriver.

Billy Dixon came to the ring to say goodbye and close the show. He will be retiring from wrestling at 27 in a couple weeks. He said he has a bad leg and needs to have therapy. Charles Mason ran in the ring and attacked him from behind. Mason said Dixon didn't deserve a farewell speech. He said Dixon only had one match in the company and failed so they put him at the announcers desk. He was going to cut Dixon with something but Billie Starks, Allie Katch, and Effy made the save.

The next show is The Great American Birthday Bash on July 10.