L.A. Fights Vol. 5 Results From July 16, 2022

Another Volume Of L.A. Fights

L.A. Fights Vol. 5 Results From July 16, 2022

L.A. Fights results from Baldwin Park, California, USA at the American Legion on 7/16/22 live and free on YouTube:

Starboy Charlie defeated Lucas Riley by referee stoppage with a  Muta Lock.

Titus Alexander pinned Damian Drake with a driver.

Brandon Gatson won a 3-Way Match over Gregory Sharpe and Midas Kreed by pinning Kreed after a cradle shock DDT.

Juicy Finau pinned Rob Shit after a Tongan Drop.

Jack Cartwheel pinned Jordan Cruz with a springboard into a crucifix.

Early Morning Guy Steele pinned Lazarus after a diving double stomp.

B-Boy and Lil Cholo defeated Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver when Cholo pinned Wayne by illegally holding the ropes.

Hunter Freeman pinned Cut Throat Cody after beating him down with a piece of a broken door. Freeman powerbombed him into the door covered in thumbtacks set between chairs in the ring. He followed up with a chokeslam on the freshly broken door but Cody kicked out.

Kevin Blackwood pinned Sandra Moone after his diving double stomp to the chest finisher.