Ladies Night Out Double Header Results From May 20, 2022

Amber O’ Neal Returns To Pro Wrestling

Ladies Night Out double header results from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸 at the AML Training Center on 5/20/22 live on Title Match Network:

4pm Show -

Kolbe Max defeated Sadie Lee Moss by submission with a butterfly lock.

Clara vs. Jada Stone vs. Ameera Rose ended up in a quick No-Contest when Olivia Devine came out and attacked Stone and Rose. Clara formed an alliance with her to set up a tag team match for the second show.

Dani Mo pinned Rylee Rockett after a cutter.

Angelica Risk pinned Brittany Jade with an inside cradle.

JC Storm went to a Double Count Out with Cosmic. They had to be seperated on the floor  by the crew.

Kenzie Paige pinned Dream Girl Ellie by holding the tights after Ella Envy interfered on the outside.

KiLynn King pinned Ella Envy after Kenzie Paige tried to interfere on the ring and Envy accidentally collided into her.

Amber O' Neal pinned Amy Love after a face buster.

Trish Adora pinned Janai Kai.

8pm Show-

Clara and Olivia Devine defeated Jada Stone and Ameera Rose when Clara submitted Stone to a choke hold as Devine took out Rose with Samoan Drop.

JC Storm defeated Cosmic with a leg lock submission hold.

Amy Love pinned Sadie Lee Moss after hitting Moss over the head with her own cookie tray when the referee was accidentally "blinded" from having chewed up cookies spit in his face by Love who was aiming for Moss.

Dream Girl Ellie pinned Brittany Jade with a German Suplex.

Dani Mo and Facade defeated Kolbe Max and Andrew Everett when Facade pinned Everett after a rope walking springboard kick. Everett argued with Max afterwards and she gave him a spear.

Ella Envy defeated Rylee Rockett. Kenzie Paige switched places with Envy at the finish while the referee's back was turned and she pinned Rockett with an inside cradle. Envy and Paige dress alike as a regular tag team so the referee was confused. They have tons of heel charisma for being so young and both are solid workers in the ring.

Trish Adora defeated Kenzie Paige by Disqualification. Ella Envy switched places with Paige but this referee saw what was going on and called for the bell.

Amber O'Neal pinned Kasey Fox illegally using feet on the ropes.

Janai Kai pinned Angelica Risk after a spinning kick.

KiLynn King went to a No Contest with Savannah Evans. They gave the referee a double team choke slam over the decision.