Lucha Bros Republic Of Lucha "DOLORES" Results From September 17, 2022

Third Lucha Brothers Produced Event

Lucha Bros Republic Of Lucha "DOLORES" Results From September 17, 2022

Republic Of Lucha "DOLORES" results from South Pasadenda, California, USA in the parking lot of the Lucha Brothers store the Republic Of Lucha live on 9/17/22 on FITE:

This show was in celebration of Mexican Independence Day weekend. It will be the last show here until March 2023.

The store will be doing some cool in-store movie screenings in October. They will show "Santo vs. The Vampire Women" from 1962 0n 10/1/22.  On 10/15/22, it will be "The Revenge Of The Vampire Women" also starring Santo originally released in 1970.

Demus pinned Mascarita Dorada after a double underhook piledriver after blocking Dorada's Moonsault with his knees.

Taya Valkyrie pinned Lady Flammer after the Road To Valhalla. This one of the most  hard hitting American indie women's matches we've seen all year. It was a mix of brawling and explosive moves. Valkyrie was still all smiles despite the bruises and cuts on her arm and chest from all of the chops by Flammer. They did a lot of brawling in the crowd.

Brian Cage won a 3-Way Match over Willie Mack and Black Taurus by pinning Taurus with a powerbomb.

Rey Leon and Zokre defeated Latigo and Black Danger when they pinned their opponents at the same time in a double pinfall.

Lince Dorado pinned Matt Sydal by countering a hurricanrana.

QT Marshall and Aaron Solo defeated Penta Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix when they both pinned Penta after ripping off his mask. Rick Knox was the referee and he gave both of the heels Stunners then he high fived The Lucha Brothers. Rush and Bestia del Ring ran in to attack Penta and Fenix after the match and they unmasked Fenix. The announcers closed the show teasing a match between the two teams could happen at WrestleMania Weekend in Los Angeles.