LVAC “Bash At The Brewery” Results From May 6, 2022: Avery Good Retires

Avery Good’s Last Match As A Professional Wrestler

LVAC “Bash At The Brewery” Results From May 6, 2022: Avery Good Retires

Lehigh Valley Athletics Council "Bash At The Brewery" results from Easton, Pennsylvania, USA 🇺🇸 at Weyerbacher on 5/6/22 live on IWTV:

World Famous CB defeated Myung-Jae Lee by submission with an arm bar.

Vita VonStarr won a 3-Way Match over Veda Scott and Edith Surreal by pinning Scott after the Helter Skelter (handstand on the top rope turnbuckle into a Vader Bomb).

Bobby Orlando, Erica Leigh, and PUF defeated Dan Champion, Lucky 13, and Devantes after they all rolled up Champion, Lucky, and Devantes at the same time fron behind when Orange Cassidy slowly came down to ringside to cause a distraction.

Willow Nightingale pinned Tracy Williams with the gut wrench powerbomb.


The Commish came out to speak to the crowd and he thanked the brewery for having them. He brought out Billy Avery as his "Junior Executive Intern". He said Avery would have to work for him if he ever wanted to wrestle again. Avery reluctantly agreed and said he would do whatever it takes to get back in the ring. The Commish handed him a broom and a collection plate. He told Avery to sweep up the building but he would allow fans to tip him while he did it.

Hydra, Ultramantis Black, Frightmare, and The Batiri defeated Jakob Hammermeier, Weber Hatfield, Shea McCoy, Ryan Mooney, and Merlok when Hyra pinned Merlok and Hammermeier at the same time after giving them a chokeslam.

Avery Good pinned Abby Jane by illegally using feet on the ropes after interference from his manager Sidney Bakabella. Dan Champion attacked Jane before the match on her way out to the ring.

Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti came out after what was supposed to be the main event. He said Good wouldn't be ending things like that. He challenged him to a match.

Avery Good went to a double knockout draw with Mr. Touchdown. Touchdown gave him a superplex after several minutes of action. Neither could make it back up to their feet by the 10 count. They asked for more time and got it.

Avery Good pinned Mr. Touchdown in three seconds after a DDT.

The show went off the air. If Good gave a farewell speech it did not air live.