Marcus Mathers' “All I Want" Results From June 23, 2022

Marcus Mathers Themed Event On IWTV

Marcus Mathers' “All I Want" Results From June 23, 2022

Sean Henderson presents Marcus Mathers' "All I Want" from Williamstown, New Jersey, USA at the H2O Wrestling Center on 6/23/22 live on IWTV:

2 Cold Scorpio pinned Matt Tremont after the Tumbleweed.

Zoey Skye pinned Billie Starkz after a diving double stomp when Starks was in a tree of woe.

4-Door Elimination 4-Way Match with Ryan Radix vs. Reid Walker vs. Dyln McKay vs. Austin Luke is up next. Radix was eliminated first after a double team set up by Young and Walker into a door. McKay eliminated Walker by slamming him into a door. Luke won the match after giving McKay a brainbuster off the top rope into a door between two chairs in the ring.

Colby Corino pinned Jimmy Lloyd in a Yuletide Death Match after a crucifix bomb into a pile of Christmas ornaments.

GCW World Tag Team Champions EFFY and Allie Katch defeated Kasey Kirk (fka Kasey Catal) and Brandon Kirk when EFFY pinned Brandon Kirk with an inside cradle.


Bam Sullivan pinned Alex Colon after a Falcon Arrow on a barb wire board in a Hardcore Match.

Dante Martin pinned Alec Price after the springboard Moonsault. Price was bleeding from his back during the match likely from pieces of objects that were used as weapons in the hardcore match.

Shannon Moore pinned Marcus Mathers with a driver. He got on the mic after and said he has a pic of a child fan on his social media from a TNA show that took place 10 or 12 years ago. That child was Mathers.

Cole Radrick pinned Joel Bateman in a Death Match with light tubes, chairs, and a ladder as weapons after a diving double stomp off the ladder while Bateman had a chair covered with light tubes over him. Colby Corino ran out and attacked Bateman after but Radrick made the save. Radrick thanked the fans for coming out on a Thursday with the show ending so late. He shook hands with Bateman. Bateman thanked Radick and said he was going to mess Corino up tomorrow.