MCW Pro Wrestling “Spring Fever Millersville” Results From May 15, 2022: Hardy Boys In Action

MCW Pro Wrestling’s First Live Event On FITE

MCW Pro Wrestling “Spring Fever Millersville” results from Millersville, Maryland, USA 🇺🇸 at Benfield Sportscenter on 5/15/22 live on FITE:

Kekoa pinned Ryan McBride after a frog splash.

Vita VonStarr pinned Dani Mo after Helter Skelter.

Action Andretti pinned Ninja Mack after a fireman's carry into a brain buster.

A Tag Team Gaunlet Match is up next for the MCW Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles:

Diego Cruz and Lor Diaz defeated The Sigma Males (LDJ and Steven Fuerte) when Cruz pinned LDJ... Killian McMurphy and Myles Hawkins are out next. They both pinned Diaz after a double team finisher in fairly quick fashion... Black Wallstreet (Black Jack Tripper and Chuck Lennox) are out. Lennox pinned McMurphy quickly after a 3D double team finisher... Shaun Cannon and JB Anderson are next. Lennox pinned Anderson after the 3D...   MCW Tag Team Champions Pat Brink and Alex Odin are out last. Odin pinned Lennox after a Moonsault to win the match. After the match, the five members of The Jacobs Family came out to intimidate the champions and Black Wallstreet but they did not attack. Their gimmick came off like the Jupiter family in The Hills Have Eyes movie.

Tim Spriggs defeated Angel Alvarado by referee stoppage with a choke hold in just several seconds. Spriggs is a WNO World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion. He does an elite athlete "party boy" gimmick with a big entourage. He took his time getting into the ring and his entrance was far longer than the match. He came off like an instant huge star.

July 23 is the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Tournament. It will also be on FITE.

MCW Women's Champion Gia Scott pinned KiLynn King by holding the tights after a distraction by Demarcus Kane.

Eric Martin and Robert Locke defeated Dante Caballero and Joe Keys when Martin pinned Caballero after Locke spit tequila in Caballero's eyes. This was a #1 con. match for the MCW Tag Team Titles.

Joey Janela won a 3-Way Match over Chris Bey and Speedball Mike Bailey by pinning Bey after illegally holding the tights just as Bey was about to pin Bailey after the cutter. This was a qualifier match for the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Tournament.

MCW Rage TV Champion Demarcus Kane pinned O'Shay Edwards after a distraction from Gia Scott.

MCW Heavyweight Champion Ken Dixon won a 4-Way Match over Nick Aldis, Brian Johnson, and Moses by pinning Johnson after dropping him on the title belt when Johnson brought it in the ring to try to use it as a weapon.

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy defeated Mike Bennett and Matt Taven when Jeff pinned Taven after Matt gave Taven a Twist of Fate and Jeff followed up with a splash off the second rope.

Matt cut a promo after and talked about their history in MCW. He said they started here in 1995 or 1996. He said they got recognition in the pro wrestling magazines back then from appearing here. He said this is "the last run for Matt and Jeff Hardy" and they wanted to work one last time in the places where they began. Jeff said without WWE there would be no Matt and Jeff Hardy. He said he loves WWE and when he's said "F-WWE" he didn't really mean it. He talked about wrestling Darby Allin on AEW Dynamite last week. Matt asked how he was even still alive after that match. Jeff talked again about leaving WWE and said he wrote them a letter that was like song lyrics to tell them that he was "All Elite". He sang some of it for the fans. Matt said he doesn't know if they will be back in MCW again "because our time is finite". He thanked Bennett and Taven for the match.