Melbourne City Wrestling “Ballroom Brawl” Results From July 23, 2022

Pro Wrestling From Australia

MCW results from Melbourne, Australia at the Thornbury Theatre on 7/23/22 live on FITE:

Slex pinned Tommy Knight in a Falls Count Anywhere Match when Knight suplexed him off of the ring and they both crashed into a table on the floor with Slex landing on top of him. Strong opener. They brawled around the venue. They went into the kitchen and Knight slammed Slex on the cooking tables. Knight threw Slex through a window connected to another room in the venue. Knight tried to climb into the window after him but Slex popped up and tossed a trash can at him from the window and then dove out of the window on top of him.

MCW Heavyweight Champion Mitch Waterman came out to the ring to do a promo. He said it's one of the biggest nights in history for MCW because they are live on FITE for the first time. He said he will give a title shot to someone whose number he picked at random from the Ballroom Brawl list of competitors. It was #2. Davis Storm came out to accept the offer. Storm said #2 will prove to be an unlucky number for Waterman. He said Waterman's arrogance will be costly with this open challenge.

MCW Heavyweight Champion Mitch Waterman pinned Davis Storm after his finishing strike. Another good back and forth match with Storm taking Waterman to near the limit but coming up short. Storm has lost his spot in the Ballroom Brawl because of taking this title match.

MCW Tag Team Champions Tome Filip and Stevie Filip defeated Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti when Stevie pinned Bonza after a Phoenix Splash. Bonza and Moretti argued with each other before the finish over who would go for the pin covers to try and get the win.

MCW Women's Champion Jessica Troy defeated Cherry Stephens by submission with an arm bar and trapped leg combination hold. They hugged afterwards. They made it interesting with Stephens getting in a few very close near falls. She gave Troy a Gory Bomb and rolled her over into a clutch. Later on, Troy had her in the arm bar. Stephens yelled at the referee to bring her notebook over to her so she could find a counter for the hold in her notes. Troy kicked the notebook out of the referee's hand and it went flying out of the ring. When the referee tried to retrieve it, Stephens rolled Troy up but there was nobody around to count. Troy said she wants DELTA as her next challenger.

Intermission with the Ballroom Brawl Main Event after. It's Rumble rules with 20 competitors scheduled. There will indeed be a new #2 entrant because of Davis Storm getting the title shot opportunity earlier. Over The Top Rope for the eliminations. The winner earns a title shot opportunity to cash in at any time.  

Buddy Matthews (#20) won the Ballroom Brawl over Emman The Kid (#1), Adam Brooks (#2), Edward Dusk (#3), Jarvis (#4), Anth Cava (#5), Mikey Broderick (#6), Jake Anderwatha (#7), Tyson Reed (#8), Tony Villani (#9), Kracker Jak (#10), Gore (#11), Zhan Wen (#12), Jack Bonza (#13), Tommy Knight (#14), Mick Moretti (#15), Gabriel Aeros (#16), Eli Theseus (#17), Slex (#18), Rocky Menero (#19) by eliminating Menero last.

Matthews said it has been ten years since he has been in the venue but it's a place he's built. He said he is coming for the MCW Heavyweight Title and the House of Black always wins.

The next event will be on September 10 back here at the venue.