Midwest All-Star Wrestling “High Stakes” Results From July 16, 2022 (Now On FITE)

Laynie Luck Challenges Kamille For The NWA Women’s Title

Midwest All-Star Wrestling “High Stakes” Results From July 16, 2022 (Now On FITE)

MAW results from Danbury, Wisconsin, USA at St. Croix Casino on July 16, 2022 on FITE:

Andrew James, Phil Jordan, and "The Voice of Minnesota Pro Wrestling" Mick Karch are the broadcast team.

The Golden Ticket Gaunlet Match is up first. Winner gets a championship title match of any title they want. Sergio Santana (#1) vs. Nick Pride (#2). Pride pinned Santana will an Alabama Slam... Richard Powers is #3. Powers pinned Pride illegally using feet on the ropes... Ty Ray is #4. Powers pinned Ray after a splash off the ropes... Leonard Literacy is #5. Literacy pinned Powers after a DVD... Wild Pete is #6. Pete pinned Literacy by sitting down on a sunset flip attempt to win the match and The Golden Ticket.

During the match, Mick Karch said he won $4 playing the penny slots at the casino earlier in the day. He sarcastically said it was more than he ever got paid in the AWA. His broadcast partners told him that he better be careful with what he was saying in case someone from the AWA was watching this show. He sarcastically said he didn't think anyone was still alive from there by now.

Karch ripped the AWA a second time. He said read a book once and it was the AWA rule book which was only a page long.

Thom Latimer defeated Brian Idol by Disqualification when The Real Drago walked out and got in the ring to attack Latimer. Drago then gave Idol a spear.

Missa Kate pinned Natalia Markova with a roll up and illegally using feet on the ropes. The referee was groggy after accidentally getting bumped a couple of minutes earlier by Kate's spin kick. Very good match with a hard hitting physical fast pace.

MAW Tag Team Champions Cradle 2 Grave (Ying Moua and Cordoba) defeated Leonard Literacy and Wild Pete by pinning Literacy after a double team finisher. Between losing this match and Pete winning the Golden Ticket over Literacy earlier in the night they seem to be teasing a future tag team break up between the two.

Belladonna Division Elegance Champion KiLynn King pinned Sierra after her Kingdom Falls finisher.

MAW TV Champion Joey "Jet" Avalon (with Bill Alfonso) pinned GPA by illegally holding the tights after Alfonso interfered.

MAW World Champion The System (Koda Jacobs, Johnny Oxbow, and The Real Drago) pinned Paul Virk in a title vs. MAW career match after hitting Virk with the title belt when the referee was distracted by Oxbow. Drago and Jacobs were ejected from ringside early in the match.

MAW Commissioner Brian Sager came out and told The System that his tactics were predictable and the match would be restarted. If The System didn't agree to it he would be stripped of the title.

Paul Virk pinned MAW Champion The System after a stomp to the back head to win the title and save his career despite interference from Sterling Bond. Bond attacked both men and gave them cutters when the referee was accidentally bumped by a spear from Virk.

NWA Women's World Champion Kamille pinned MAW Women's Champion Layine Luck after the spear when Joey Avalon and Sierra interfered. Avalon distracted the referee to allow Sierra to push Luck off the top rope. Only Kamille's title was on the line in the match. They had a 30-minute time limit. Kamille was calm and cocky bullying Luck around with basic power moves. Luck got in a missile drop kick to take Kamille down briefly early on. There was more dominance from Kamille then Luck used her quick and unothodox moves to get in some offense. Luck locked in an STF but Kamille was able to crawl and use her long reach to get to the ropes. Luck was able to pick her up and give her a DVD. They fought in the ring corner and Luck was able to get control to deliver a powerbomb for a near fall.

Sierra attacked Luck after but Kamille made the save. GPA came out to back Luck up. It looks like it set up a future mixed tag team match with GPA and Luck vs. Avalon and Sierra.

Kevin Nash was at the show as a special guest.