Mission Pro Wrestling “Welcome To The Jungle” Results September 17, 2022, MPW Title Vacated & New Champion Crowned

MPW On Title Match Network

Mission Pro Wrestling "Welcome To The Jungle" results from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at  Salvation Army Mission Corps on 9/17/22 live on Title Match Network:

The company released a promo from Holidead saying her "violent" lifestyle has caught up to her and it's forced her to give up the MPW Championship. We assume that's code for saying she must be injured. She was supposed defend against JennaCide in a Casket Match. The company said there will be still be a Casket Match with details to come on this show.

Joe Galli is the ring announcer. He confirmed that Holidead is injured. A new champion will be crowned immediately tonight. He introduced Thunder Rosa to the ring.

Rosa came out with the MPW Title belt. She said a lot of things have happened in the last couple of months that changed her views on women's wrestling. She said MPW is a safe place for women as there has been a lot of speaking up about discrimination and abuse in the pro wrestling world. She said it's time for a change. She brought out JennaCide, Jazmin Allure, Rache Chanel, and Madi Wrenkoski to the ring. She talked about the national TV appearances that they have all made over the last several months. She said they proved that they deserve a platform and women can draw and sell tickets.

Rosa said there will now be a Casket Match 3-Way Elimination Match as the main event. There will be a contenders tournament to decide which two others will face JennaCide in the match. The will be two caskets at ringside.

KiLynn King pinned Kaitland Alexis after what looked like a dominator slam in a 1st Round Tournament Match.

The WOAD pinned Emmy Camacho after an over the knee back breaker in a 1st Round Tournament Match.

Jazmin Allure pinned Michelle Green after reversing a roll up and illegally holding the tights in a 1st Round Tournament Match. Thunder Rosa came out to support Green after the match. She said Green quit her job to become a pro wrestler full time.

Alejandra Lion pinned Joseline Navarro after a neck breaker in a 1st Round Tournament Match.

Casey Blackrose won the Mission Pro Cup Battle Royal over Chris Marvel, Don Juan, Vic Endurance, Jess E. James, Diego Renay, Joey Hyder, Chip Garrison, Zakai Living, Devon Carter, David Kidd, Johnny Rocket, and Eric Walker by eliminating Carter last.

KiLynn King pinned Alejandra Lion with a clutch in a 2nd Round Tournament Match. King goes to the Casket Match.

The WOAD pinned Jazmin Allure after using her backside to smash into Allure's face in a 2nd Round Tournament Match.  The WOAD heads to the main event.

JP Harlow pinned Shota Suzuki after a low blow when the referee shielding himself in the corner out of fear of getting bumped in the action.

MPW Tag Team Champions Madi Wrenkowski and Rache Chanel defeated Ki Vibez and Ladybird Monroe when Chanel pinned Monroe after a rope hanging Code Breaker as Wrenkowski attacked Vibez down on the floor.

JennaCide defeated The WOAD and KiLynn King in the 3-Way Casket Match Elimination Match to win the vacant MPW Title. WOAD and JennaCide teamed up to put King in a casket for the first elimination. JennaCide gave WOAD a Tombstone on the apron and put her in the casket then closed the lid to win the match. Thunder Rosa gave her the title and hugged her. JennaCide said you can overcome what life throws at you if you put your mind to it. She said companies told her she was too old and too slow but she didn't give up. She thanked Rosa for standing by her and giving her chances.

The next show is on December 10 back here in San Antonio at this venue.