New Information On Thunder Rosa & AEW News

Clearing Up Some AEW Rumors

We were able to confirm tonight that PW Insider's report is 100% true. AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa was indeed told to go home by AEW due to illness which was why she was not on AEW Dynamite this week. Members of her entourage are also ill at the moment. Health was the reason, there were no other issues. She will be back out on the road as soon as she feels well enough to fly out.

There have also been stories going around for the last couple of months claiming AEW has blocked Rosa from appearing on the Title Match Network streams of her own Mission Pro Wrestling events. We were told tonight that those stories are NOT true. She wanted other women to take spots on shows while she remained behind the scenes helping to run things. And in the case of the recent May 14 MPW "Don't Stop Me Now!" show in Conroe, she wasn't even there in town because she was part of the celebrity guest lineup at the Baltimore CelebFest in Maryland.

MPW will be having matches as part of Oklahoma City's Pop Culture Con on 6/25/22 in Oklahoma City, OK.

On August 2o, MPW will have their big fund raiser show in San Antonio, Texas at the Salvation Army with La Rosa Negra vs. Nova Phoenix, Jennacide vs. KiLynn King, Danni Bee vs. Black Widow, JP Harlow vs. Simon Miller, JJ Garrett vs. Casey Blockrose, plus a Gauntlet Match featuring The WOAD, Queen Aminata, Gigi Rey, Mia Friday, Anna Diaz, and MJ Santana announced so far.

A source we spoke with tonight close to AEW said there is an annoying trend going on between so-called sources and the pro wrestling media. The source said people are feeding the media either purposely bad information or "half stories" to make AEW look bad directly or indirectly. They said any pro wrestling locker room always has the potential for politics and heat, but as of late there has been a lot of wild stories and false information going out. The person went on to say in the old days the Apter Mags would make up their own storylines and everything was kayfabe. Now in 2022 we're seeing a few of the serious pro wrestling insider news sites coming off even worse with speculation and assumptions in attempts to "break news" and "out scoop". Every other site then picks up their reports and it gets into a bad cycle where things become hard to correct.