NOMADS’ Vol. 2 Results From August 5, 2022

Sumire Natsu’s First Match Since 2020

NOMADS second event results from Tokyo, Japan at Shinjuku FACE on 8/5/23 live on ZAIKO pay-per-view:

The show is sponsored by Smirnoff Ice.

Maya Yukihi defeated Yuko Sakurai by submission.

Saori Anou, Tae Honma, and Maika Ozaki defeated Moeka Haruhi (replacing Kakeru Sekiguchi who is out of action from COVID-19), Makoto, and Kaho Kobayashi when Anou pinned Kobayashi. Anou came out to the ring wearing the ICE×Infinity Title around her waist.

Ryo Mizunami pinned Rina Amikura after two lariats.


A video was shown of Sumire Natsu sitting on a couch watching wrestling and looking sad and bored. They showed a graphic in English and Japanese saying she decided to take an indefinite hiatus from pro wrestling in October 2020. She walked around to playground as the picture went from color to black and white. Miyuki Takase approached her and gave her a ring outfit. A graphic popped up on screen saying it was time for Sumire to come back.

SAKI and Hikari Shimizu defeated Sumire Natsu and Miyuki Takase when Shimizu pinned Natsu after a diving double stomp. Natsu brought in the whip and used it as a weapon. She later gave Takase a bronco buster in the corner. After the match, Natsu said she will give SAKI and Shimizu a bronco buster if they have her on a COLOR'S show. She said she is officially back in action today as a freelancer.

Nanae Takahashi and Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Yuu and Rina Yamashita when Takahashi pinned Yamashita. Takahashi hugged Yamashita and Matsumoto then left the ring. Yamashita was slow to get up off the mat as she was talking to the crowd after being dropped hard at the finish of the match by Takahashi.

Yamashita was about to close the show but Jungle Kyona came out. Kyona said she knows that NOMADS' is a place for freelancers like her and she coldly requested that Yamashita get her a spot on an upcoming show. Yamashita said they would find a match for her.