OVW TV #1193 Results From June 30, 2022


OVW results from Louisville, Kentucky, USA at Davis Arena on 6/30/2022 live on FITE:

Maximo Suave pinned Manny Domingo by illegally holding the ropes.

Dream Girl Ellie pinned Jada Stone after a pedigree.

The Dark Reverend and D' Mone Solavino defeated Snake Williams Jr. and Jebediah Blackhawk when Solavino pinned Blackhawk after the other members of The Fallen got involved.

Ryan Von Rocket pinned Matt Vine when Rocket's valet Guitary grabbed Vine's leg and held it down.

OVW Tag Team Champions Cash Flo and Dimes went to a No Contest with Blanco Loco and Axton Ray in a non-title match when The Outrunners (who were doing guest commentary) got involved and brawled with both teams.

OVW Kentucky Champion Dustin Jackson pinned Donovan Cecil after the Jackson Express in a non-title match.

Lustful Lawrence pinned Tony Evans after two running powerslams.

Jared Kripke defeated OVW Rush Division Champion Luke Kurtis by Count Out in a non-title match. Kurtis decided to leave the ring to cut a promo on  Kripke instead of pinning him when he had the chance. He said Kripke is a new father but he really isn't the father. The comments enraged Kripke and he attacked Kurtis.

Hollyhood Haley J and Freya The Slaya defeated OVW Women's Champion Leila Grey and Tiffany Nieves when Freya pinned Grey after a leg drop. Haley J was wearing "protective head gear" after losing a hair vs. hair match to Grey at the OVW pay-per-view a few days ago. Grey was trying to rip off the head gear to let fans see Haley J's head. Haley J fought her off and gave her a headbutt which allowed Freya to take advantage for the win.

Jack Vaughn pinned OVW Champion Omar Amir in a non-title match after the Darkkloudz ran in and double teamed Amir when the referee was distracted. Vaughn followed up with a clothesline for the win.