PODER CUATRO~! Women's Wrestling Show Results 5/28/22: Title Change!

More Women's Pro Wrestling Action This Month In Las Vegas

Ed In San Antonio Productions Presents "PODER CUATRO~!" from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at Silver Nugget Casino on 5/28/22  live on the FSW Network for $10:


We know Madi Wrenkowski is off the show due to injury. She was supposed to face Brittany Blake. Jim Valley of The Pacific Rim podcast and The Wrestling Observer was supposed to be the guest manager of his friend Debbie Malenko today. He announced a few days ago that he would not be able to travel to Vegas. He didn't give a reason but his health battles over the past several years are well known.

Sarah The Rebel is the ring annoucer. Very poor turn out. It doesn't look  like there is more than 20 or 25 fans in the venue including Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on a very busy pro wrestling weekend in Las Vegas (The Wrestling Observer/F4W staff did a newsletter Fan Fest Q&A event before this show). Sarah asked people to move up closer. It started nearly an hour later than planned waiting for a walk up crowd.

Alice Blair pinned Estrella after a DDT.

Bryn Thorne pinned Veda Scott after a pumphandle backbreaker.

Mylo pinned Ricky Tenacious after a frog splash.

Mazzarati pinned Allie Katch with a roll up and illegally holding the tights when Katch poked the referee in the eyes by accident while aiming for Mazzarati.

Viva Van won a 3-Way Match over Alex Gracia and Danika Della Rouge by giving Gracia a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex on top of Della Rouge to pin them both.

Brittany Blake defeated Shazza McKenzie by submission with the Bad Omen.

Bryan Alvarez cut off Sarah The Rebel before she could announce the next match. He said Jim Valley could not make it. He said Valley is fine and it's not anything health related. He said he is taking Valley's place. He sucked up to Meltzer. He said Meltzer could be interviewing Tony Khan right now but he is here getting ready to watch someone he hasn't seen wrestle live in over 30 years. He brought out Billie Starks and he will be a heel manager for her. (Starks is only 17. Meltzer has been friends with Debbie Malenko for decades).

Debbie Malenko defeated Billie Starks by STF submission. Alvarez tried to interfere but Malenko gave him the Ace Crusher. She drop kicked him off of the ring after the match. She went around the ring to shake hands with all the fans and gave Dave Meltzer and his wife a big hug in the front row.

PODER Champion Miranda Alize vs. Christi Jayne in a 2/3 Fall Match is next.

Alize quickly pinned Jaynes in about 5 seconds.

Jaynes pinned Alize to even it up several seconds later.

Jaynes pinned Alize to win the title after the Ushigoroshi after a few more minutes of action. This was rushed probably due to starting late and Wrestling Revolver having a show in the venue that will air on FITE at 7pm EST. They have a little about an hour and half between the shows now.