Prominence Official Launch Results 4/24/22

Prominence's Official Debut

Prominence "The Beginning Of The Red Flame" results from Tokyo, Japan Shinkiba 1st Ring on 4/24/22 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

They have a ring for this first show/offical debut. In the few "pre-launch" events they did this year to build up to this, the matches took place on black mats and on the stages at those smaller venues.

Risa Sera, Akane Fujita, Suzu Suzuki, Mochi Natsumi, and Hiiragi Kurumi came out to the ring to briefly welcome the crowd.

Ryo Mizunami and Yukari Hosokawa beat Miyako Matsumoto and Itsuki Aoki when Mizunami pinned Matsumoto with the Hot Limit in 9:27.

Toshiyuki Sakuda won a 3-Way Match over Super Hardcore Machine and Orca Uto by pinning Machine after a swanton bomb with a chair in 7:08.

Takayuki Ueki pinned Mochi Natsumi in a Hardcore Match after crotching her on top of what looked like a birdhouse that he brought into the ring followed by a roll up with the birdhouse stuck between her legs. 12:32 was the time of the fall.

The crew is putting light tubes on the ring ropes for the next match.

Takashi Sasaki pinned Risa Sera in a Light Tube Death Matxh in 21:56 after kicking a bundle of light tubes into her face. This was a long and methodically paced match. Sasaki made Sera bleed early on by digging broken ends of a light tube into her forehead. Later, he gave her a tombstone pilediver on a bundle of light tubes but she kicked out. She back dropped him into a pile of tubes and it looked like she caught a piece of glass in her armpit after they broke. She brought her rake of light tubes into the ring and bashed it over his head. Later, she gave him the double diving knee drop with light tubes over his chest.

Suzu Suzuki and Jun Kasai beat Akane Fujita and Violento Jack in a Death Match in 22:49 when Suzuki pinned Fujita with the German Suplex. Jack and Fujita made Suzuki bleed by shoving her face into a board of soda cans with the tops cut off. Kasai made Fujita bleed by taking an object to her head and Suzuki followed up using a staple gun on her head. Jack placed the board of soda cans with the cans down on Kansai's chest and gave him a swanton bomb. Fujita smashed a bunch of bricks over Suzuki's back then gave her a power slam. Double team superplex from Jack and Fujita on Suzuki but Kansai broke up the pin. Suzuki busted Fujita over the head with a big bundle of light tubes to make her bleed even more. Suzuki gave Fujita a release German Suplex off the top rope and Kansai followed it up with a frog splash from the other corner of the ring. A driver from Fujita turned into a choke submission hold on Suzuki but Kansai made the save. Jack slammed Kansai on some light tubes. Kansai stopped Fujita from going off the top rope on Suzuki by jamming skewers into her head. Suzuki slams Fujita off the top rope but Jack breaks up the pin. Suzuki leg sweeps Fujita onto light tubes for a near fall. She follows up with the German Suplex for the win.

The next show is 5/29/22 here at the venue with Suzuki vs. Sera booked so far.