Prominence Results From May 29, 2022

Hardcore Joshi Action

Prominence results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 5/29/22:

Tsubasa Kuragaki won a 3-Way Match over Miyako Matsumoto and Isuki Aoki by submitting Matsumoto with an Argentine Backbreaker while Matsumoto was sandwiched with a ladder in 11:11

Yumi Miyazaki pinned Mochi Natsumi with a clutch in 10:50.

DASH Chisako pinned Akane Fujita after the Hormone Splash in 16:15

Risa Sera went to a 30-minute time limit draw with Suzu Suzuki in a Weapons Death Match. They both bled. Suzuki was thrown back first into a board with barb wire on it set up in the corner. Sera then put the board on Suzuki with the barb wire side on her and smacked it with a chair several times in a row. Sera used her kendo sticks wrapped in barb wire on Suzuki's head. Sera put a ladder on Suzuki and gave it a double knee drop. Suzuki avoided a swinging shot from Sera's kendo stick and then drop kicked the kendo stick right into her. Suzuki used a staple gun on Sera's head and followed up with a DDT. Suzuki gave Sera a drop toe hold right on the big ball of forks followed by a double stomp on Sera's back. A missile drop kick from Suzuki to Sera as Sera was holding the ball of forks. Sera used one of her kendo sticks to block Suzuki from hitting her with a bundle of light tubes and the tubes exploded on right over Suzuki. Sera hits her with the big rake wheel of light tubes and the sound was booming. A rush of adrenaline from Suzuki as she managed to recover to give Sera a German Suplex. Suzuki with a German Suplex this time off the top rope on a bundle of light tubes that Sera set up between two chairs in the ring. Suzuki bashed Sera over the head with a bundle of light tubes while they were fighting on top of a ladder. Suzuki jumped off the top of the ladder with a double stomp to go for the pin but Sera kicked out. A half nelson slam from Suzuki on broken light tubes but Sera kicked out at the count of two. Sera gives Suzuki a Samoan Drop off the top rope on a bundle of light tubes but Suzuki gets a shoulder up at two. Sera's back was full of blood and Suzuki was not looking much better. Sera tries to win by knock out but Suzuki gets up at a count of nine. One last German Suplex from Suzuki and Sera kicks out at two just as time expired. They hugged and shook hands after.

The next show is June 25 here at Shinkiba 1st Ring.

Kurumi Hiiragi will return to action on the July 17 show. She did a 10-minute exhibition match against Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru back in April. She has been out of action since June 2021 after suffering an ACL injury. She had surgery on it.