RCW “RCW Damn!” Results From July 3, 2022: Title Change!

RCW “RCW Damn!” Results From July 3, 2022: Title Change!

River City Wrestling "RCW Damn!" results from San Antonio, Texas, USA at The Grand Event Center on 7/3/22 live on Title Match Network:

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Joe Galli and Javi Perez are the broadcast team. Felicia Extreme is the ring announcer.

Ron Simmons is the guest legend. The event name is a tribute to him and his catchphrase.  

JP Harlow pinned Vic Endurance with a roll up in a Street Fight.

Katie Forbes pinned Sheeva Queen after scratching Queen's eyes and holding the tights.

RVD appeared on the screen with a taped message from home. He wished everyone a Happy 4th of July. He said Katie Forbes would be giving away some RVD CBD products as prizes at her table.

Jess E. James and Studstache (with King Rob Love) defeated Luis "The Spartan" Ramirez and Devin Carter by referee stoppage. Love caused a distraction while doing color commentary. Studstache grabbed Ramirez and slammed him on the ring apron to knock the wind out of him and then James locked him in a sleeper.

Kaun pinned ROW Texas Champion Cameron Cole in non-title match after Kaun Has Spoken. Kaun called out Westin Blake after and wants an "I Quit" Match with him on the next show which is 9/11/22.

Anthony Andrews and Casey Blackrose (with Logan Pettis) defeated The Pillars of Destiny (Hunter and Titan) when Andrews pinned Titan by illegally using feet on the ropes and holding the tights. RCW owner Brandon Oliver came out and fired the referee for being paid off by Pettis. He brought out a new referee and ordered a restart. Hunter and Titan pinned Blackrose after a double team chokeslam. Andrews refused to get in the ring to back Blackrose up.

Alejandra Lion (with Nastico) won a 3-Way Match over Ki Vibez and Emmy Camacho by pinning Camacho after throwing Vibez out of the ring to steal the pinfall as Vibez was about to get the pin.

King Rob Love pinned Luigi Primo in a Kiss My Foot Match after a piledriver when Jess E. James and Studstache got on the ring to distract. James choked Primo out after the match and forced his face on Love's foot. Love was going to give Primo a piledriver on a chair but Luis "The Spartan" Ramirez and Devin Carter made the save.

RCW International Champion David Kidd defeated Branden Vice by Disqualification when Anthony Andrews ran in and attacked Kidd just as he was about to get the pin. Andrews and Vice teamed up to stomp on Kidd then argued over who should get the next title shot.

Before the RCW Tag Team Titles match, Nastico said Lou Gotti could not be there so Ocho Camacho will replace him to team with Angel Camacho against The Texas Treats. He said the titles would not be on the line with Gotti out of the match. Brandon Oliver came out and said it would still be a titles match because the fans paid to see one. He said the last time The Texas Treats held the titles was 13 years ago and they deserved this shot.

The Texas Treats (Chris Marval and Don Juan) won the RCW Tag Team Titles from Ocho Camacho and Angel Camacho (with Nastico and a new bodyguard) when they pinned Ocho after a double team finisher. Nastico pulled the referee out of the ring then Angel accidentally collided into Nastico on the floor to take each other out. The bodyguard was ejected early on for interfering. David Kidd and Brandon Oliver came out to congratulate the new champions.

RCW Champion Mysterious Q pinned Gino Medina after the Q Cutter.