Rhodes Wrestling Academy Student Showcase V Results From July 17, 2022: Title Changes!

RWA Passion Lives Here

Rhodes Wrestling Academy results from Leander, Texas, USA at the RWA broadcast free on YouTube on 7/17/22:

Dustin Rhodes opened the show to welcome the viewers. He said RWA has grown and he touted this as the milestone fifth showcase.

Stew Myrick and Rebel are the broadcast team. Kristin Ditto is the ring announcer.

Paul Hubris pinned Oli Emerson after a rope hanging neck breaker.

Dustin Rhodes did a promo talking about the passion, love, and drive it takes to become a pro wrestler. He plugged the training at the school and said "Passion Lives Here."


Kilgore Nix won a 3-Way Match over Charles Crawford and Chad Lennex (with The Lennex Family) by pinning Crawford by illegally holding the gear.

Jael pinned RWA Women's Champion Shawna Reed after a leg lariat to win the title. Reed brought out a fork and tried to use it as a weapon but the referee took it away. Reed reluctantly gave Jael the title afterwards and hugged her.

Jayowulf and Pluto Mars (with Briana Damage) defeated Talen Moore and Romero Cruz when Jayowulf pinned Moore.

Ativalu pinned Nnull after a sidewalk slam.

Slim Seven pinned RWA Champion JPH after the Seventh Sin brianbuster to win the title. Paul Hubris immediately ran in and  attacked the new champion. He was going to hit him with the title belt but Dustin Rhodes got in the ring and stopped him. Hubris pushed Rhodes into the ropes. Rhodes returned fire and punched Hubris then gave him a powerslam. Rhodes gave Seven the title belt and raised his arm to close the show.