Rise Of The Vixens III Results From May 28, 2022

VWR’s Big Event on Title Match Network

Rise Of The Vixens III Results From May 28, 2022

Vixens Wrestling Revolution "Rise Of Vixen III" from Texas City, Texas, USA at Booker T's World Gym Arena on 5/28/22 now on Title Match Network:

Owner Scott Bruce was in the ring. He said this event will be a yearly tradition.

Jacob King, GM Haley Danielle, and Emily King are the broadcast team.

Laynie Luck defeated Mia Friday by submission with an STF.

Alejandra The Lion pinned MJ Santana after raking the eyes followed by driving neckbreaker.

Gigi Rey pinned Danni Bee after hitting her with a bag of Canadian coins and then the Gigi From The Block when the referee was distracted.

Jazmin Allure pinned Mystii Marks after her Top Tier finisher.

Genesis Champion Rache Chanel pinned Jessica James after the front leg sweep. After the match, Chanel got on the mic and said she was tired of the title. The mic was low but it souned like she wanted a new style of title belt. Mia Friday came out and challenged her for the title. She said she would be glad to have the belt.

Mia Friday won the Genesis Title from Rache Chanel fairly quickly by submission with an arm bar. Jessica James shoved Chanel towards Friday at the starting bell.

Sheeva and Ryan Davidson defeated Promise Braxton and Jay Alexander in a mixed tag team match when Sheeva pinned Braxton after a Samoan Drop. Alexander grabbed Sheeva on the ropes before the finish and Davidson made the save by giving Alexander a clothesline off of the ring.

Mission Pro Wrestling Champion Holidead pinned Raychell Rose. Rose brought the title belt in the ring to use as a weapon but then got into a "tug of war" with the referee over it. The belt accidentally hit her in the face for Holidead to get the cover for the win.

VWR Champion Hyan defeated KiLynn King by submission with a trapped arms and leg hold.