River City Wrestling “Bushwacker” Results From May 15, 2022

Event Named In Honor Of Bushwacker Luke

RCW "Bushwacker" results from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at The Grand Event Center on 5/15/22 live on Title Match Network:


The show opened with a video from Bushwacker Luke. He said he won't be at the show because he has the flu. He hopes he can appear at a future RCW event this year.

Carolina Teague is the ring announcer. Joe Galli and Javi Perez are the broadcast team. In our view the best trio announcing crew on the current indie pro wrestling scene.

The DFW Kartel (Lou Gotti, Angel Camacho, Alejandra Lion  and Nastico) came out to the ring to cut promos. They will be taking on The Pillars of Destiny and Christi Jaynes one last time in an anything goes match tonight in the main event.

Anthony Andrews, Casey Blackrose, and Branden Vice (with Logan Pettis) defeated Texas Treats (Don Juan and Chris Marval) and David Kidd when Vice pinned Kidd but there were all kinds of feet in the ropes. Pettis was shown on the stage paying off the referee.

The next RCW event is July 3 called "Declaration of Champions".

Jess E. James pinned Luis “Spartan” Ramirez. Rob Love pulled the referee out of the ring when Ramirez was about to win. The Stud Stash ran in from the other side of the ring and gave Ramirez a lariat to give James the easy cover.

Luigi Primo pinned Drew Dredd after the Pizza Cutter.

The Galvans (Josh Galvan and Ben Galvan) defeated J.P. Harlow and Vic Endurance when Ben pinned Harlow after the Galvanizer double team finisher when Harlow accidentally collided with Endurance. Endurance's heel manager Jeremiah told him to leave the match after the miscommunication.

Katie Forbes pinned Ki Vibez after The Renegade Twins ran in and gave Vibez a double team choke slam while the referee was bumped by running into Forbes' rear end.


Westin Blake defeated Kaun by referee stoppage with a sleeper hold. Blake continued to attack Kaun after the match.

RCW Women's Champion Madi Wrenkowski pinned Killa Kate after a big boot to the face. After the match, The Renegade Twins ran in and looked like they were going to attack Wrenkowski. Katie Forbes then ran out and got between them. Forbes paused and attacked Wrenkowski while the twins joined in. Kate tried to make the save but she got beat down too. Ki Vibez ran out with a chair and cleared the heels from the ring. Wrenkowski, Kate, and Vibez shook hands with each other after.

RCW Champion Mysterious Q pinned Rob Love after the Q Cutter despite a referee bump and interference from Jesse E. James and The Stud Stash.

RCW Phoenix Champion Christi Jaynes and The Pillars of Destiny (Hunter and Titan) defeated Alejandra Lion and DFW Tag Team Champions Lou Gotti and Angel Camacho when Hunter and Titan pinned Gotti after their double team finisher. Nastico got involved and did a dive from the ring to the outside but he accidentally landed on Camacho.

Katie Forbes came out with The Renegade Twins. She said they didn't appreciate having someone coming after them with a chair so if anyone wanted to fight they were out in the open. Wrenkowski, Kate, and Vibez ran out to answer the challenge. All six got into a big brawl. Referees and male members of the locker room ran out to seperate them to close the show.