River City Wrestling “Forever” Results From September 11, 2022

RCW On Title Match Network

River City Wrestling "Forever" results San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at The Grand Event Center on 9/11/22 live on Title Match Network:

Carolina Teague is the ring announcer. Joe Galli and Javi Perez are the broadcast team.

RCW Tag Team Champions The Texas Treats (Don Juan and Chris Marval) defeated Pillars of Destiny (Hunter and Titan) when Titan was pinned. The finish came when Nastico left the broadcast table while doing guest commentary and he accidentally hit Titan with one of the tag team title belts. The stipulation was Nastico and his DFW Kartel couldn't interfere to cost the Texas Treats the match and if they did DFW Kartel would never receive a future tag team titles shot. Nastico teased hitting the Texas Treats with the belt but then ended up accidentally hitting Titan instead.

Anthony Andrews (with Logan Pettis and Pink the former heel referee) pinned RCW International Champion David Kidd to win the title after a low blow and an inside cradle when Pettis and Pink distracted Kidd and the referee.

King Rob Love (with Jesse E. James and Studstash) pinned Devin Carter in a Kiss My Foot Match after a low blow and a piledriver. James choked out Carter after the match as Love took his time taking off his boot. James then forced Carter's face into Love's bare foot.

The next show is on November 19. It will also air on Title Match Network. The announcers said the company is planning a big show in the San Antonio area for Royal Rumble 2023 Weekend in January. The WWE event will be at the Alamodome in San Antonio on 1/28/23.

Angel Camacho and Lou Gotti (with Nastico and Beau Amir) defeated Ben Galvan and Josh Galvan when Gotti pinned Josh after Amir interfered and gave him a chokeslam while the referee was distracted. The heels continued to attack after the match.

The 21-person San Antonio  Rumble is next. The winner goes to the main event to get a championship match. People will enter in every two minutes.

Luigi Primo won the Rumble. Vic Endurance (#1) vs. JP Harlow (#2) started it off. Branden Vice (#3). Joey Hyder (#4). Johnny Rocket (#5). Sheeva (#6). Game Time LC Mox (#7). Chip Garrison (#8). Jess E. James (#9). Arik Walker (#10). StudStache (#11). T-Ray Watford (#12). Shota Suzuki (#13). Ryan Davidson (#14). Jeremiah (#15). Bushwacker Luke (#16). Pink (#17). Luigi Primo (#18). Zakai Living (#19). Diego Renay (#20). Casey Blackrose (#21). Bushwacker Luke is in his seventies and lasted much longer than expected. He was eliminated a couple of minutes after the last entrant joined the match. In the WWF Royal Rumble in 1991, he was eliminated in just a few seconds.

Mysterious Q came out to congratulate Primo. Logan Pettis then came out and he was doing a Jim Cornette impression. He mocked Primo for his style and pizza man gimmick. Pettis said he represents a real athlete and together they would teach Primo a lesson. Q then gave Primo a superkick and left the ring with Pettis.

RCW Phoenix Champion Alejandra Lion, Jazmin Allure, and Katie Forbes defeated Killa Kate, RCW Women's Champion Madi Wrenkowski, and Ki Vibez when Forbes pinned Vibez after a Samoan Drop. Vibez had Lion pinned but Forbes made a blind tag on Lion. Vibez thought Lion was still the legal competitor and Forbes took advantage of the confusion.

RCW Champion Mysterious Q (with Logan Pettis) pinned Luigi Primo after a spinning Blue Thunder Bomb. The announcers kept calling Primo "an internet sensation" after he was a topic on a recent Jim Cornette podcast but they never mentioned Cornette or his show by name.