Rocky Mountain Pro “Milestone XII” Results From June 24, 2022: Title Changes!

12th Anniversary Show

Rocky Mountain Pro “Milestone XII” Results From June 24, 2022: Title Changes!

Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling "Milestone XII" results from Englewood, Colorado, USA at Wimmer Arena on 6/24/22 live on FITE:

Zamore (with Bud Bellflower) defeated Echo by referee stoppage with a front chancery after Bellflower hit Echo in the back with a cane.

Derex Stone and Lord Mitchell Taylor defeated Kendrick Lereaux and Killian Krowe (with The Coach) when Taylor pinned Krowe after an illegal double team when the referee was accidentally distracted by Lereaux. Wildcard, Ryan Justice and a couple of others circled the ring after the match. They attacked Lereaux, Krowe, and The Coach. Even the time keeper got beat up.

Malia Hosaka pinned RMP Lockettes Champion Christi Jaynes to win the title in a No Disqualification Match after a body buster when Jaynes missed a Moonsault.

RMP Tag Team Champions Johnny Casanova and Kaiden Koyama (with Preston Oblinger Skidmore) defeated David Drake and Owen Easton when Koyama pinned Drake by holding the tights after Skidmore got on the ring to cause a distraction and Casanova sprayed mist in Easton's face to stop him from making the save. Drake turned on Easton after the match and beat him up.

Baylum Lynx defeated Damon Ace by referee stoppage with a rear naked choke in a grudge match.


Reygan Grimez (with Salem Wolfe) pinned Skylar Slice with a sunset flip.

Remy D defeated RMP Charged Champion Sledge by submission with a Figure Eight.

Mercury Yaden defeated Curtis Cole by Disqualification after Cole punched him with brass knuckles. Yaden wanted the match restarted because he didn't want to win like that. The referee agreed.

Mercury Yaden defeated Curtis Cole by referee stoppage after a running knee strike followed by  ground and pound strikes.

NRW Champion Stephen Ashburn defeated Atiba in a Ladder Match by grabbing the belt after shoving Atiba off of a ladder down into another ladder laying in the corner of the ring. This title is only defended on FITE pay-per-views and the next one is on 8/19/22.

RMP Champion Bruce Wayans pinned Martin Casaus (with Preston Oblinger Skidmore) after the sidewalk slam finisher.