Rings Of Europe/GLAM! “Summer Crush ‘22” Results: New GLAM! Women’s Champion

Pro Wrestling From Austria

Rings Of Europe/GLAM! “Summer Crush ‘22” Results: New GLAM! Women’s Champion

RoE/GLAM! results from Eisenstadt, Austria at the E_CUBE taped on 6/25/22 and now on YouTube:

Heidi Katrina was supposed to have a match on the show against LA Taylor. Katrina is out of action after breaking her arm in a match against Mila Smidt in Israel in June. RoE said a new opponent for Taylor will be announced here at the show.

LA Taylor walked up to The Supervisor in the bar area of the venue and asked him who she would be facing. He had a phony friendly tone but refused to tell her who it will be. He said she won't find out until it all happens in the ring.

Since this show was taped well over a month ago, they inserted a lot of interviews and backstage segments into the YouTube show. The segments are a mix of German and English. The card is made up of men's and women's matches.

The Supervisor came out to the ring to address the crowd. LA Taylor came out in her ring gear and she was angry and frustrated. She demanded to know who she was facing once again. She said she has been asking all day with no answers. The Supervisor spoke in German. Mila Smidt then came out to finally give Taylor a match.

The Supervisor set up a GLAM! #1 con. Round Robin Tournament with Taylor, Smidt, and Laura Di Matteo. The winner will get a future title shot at the GLAM! Title when that vacant title situation is settled in the main event of this show.

LA Taylor pinned Mila Smidt with a Sky High PowerBomb in a GLAM! Round Robin Tournament Match.

Tamatou pinned Tom Fulton with a victory roll out of the corner and illegally holding the tights.

Joe Bravo pinned Alexis Maria in a hair vs. career match after a twisting DDT he calls The Kiss of Bravo when Mila Smidt came to the ring and turned on Maria with a hot shot on the ropes as Bino Leach distracted the referee. Smidt helped to attack Maria after and gave a big knee strike. Laura Di Matteo ran out and made the save. Based on the stipulation Maria is out of the company.

Laura Di Matteo defeated Mila Smidt by submission in a GLAM! Round Robin Tournament Match.

Winston defeated RoE Heavyweight Champion Michael Kovac (with Pascal Signer) by Disqualification when Signer ran in and hit him with the tennis racket as he was about to pin Kovac. Signer is a heel character doing a combination of Jim Cornette and Donald Trump. He even has "Chase" by Giorgio Moroder his theme music. It is the theme of The Midnight Express (and Art Bell used it too on his Coast To Coast AM radio show). His slogan is "Make Wrestling Great Again". Winston was going to choke slam Signer for costing him the match but Kovac's valet ran in and gave Winston a low blow. Winston recovered and threw her out of the ring on top of the heels down on the floor.

Clementine defeated Diana Strong by submission with a Rings of Saturn in non GLAM tournament action.

The Supervisor came out with a crown and he put it on himself to make himself even more of a powerful authority. The crowd chanted "Burger King" at him.

Callum Newman, Joe Lando, and Danny Black defeated Prince Ahura, Fabio, and Martin Steers when they all pinned Steers. Everyone but Ahura shook hands after. He was a sore loser and he shoved everyone around. They all gave him a superkick.

Laura Di Matteo pinned LA Taylor with a cradle in a GLAM! Round Robin Tournament Match. Di Matteo defeated both of the other opponents on the card to earn the #1 con. spot.

The main event is next for the vacant GLAM! Title with Jessy Jay vs. Regina Rosendahl. It will be a 3 Stages of Hell Match. Pin for the 1st Fall. Submission for the 2nd Fall. Put your opponent through a table for the 3rd Fall. The title was relinquished by Ayesha Raymond in May because she is back with SEAdLINNNG in Japan.

Regina Rosendahl pinned Jessy Jay after a diving leg drop off the ropes to win Fall #1 when her manager Sultanov interfered. The referee then ejected him from ringside.

Jessy Jay defeated Regina Rosendahl by triangle submission to win Fall #2.

Regina Rosendahl defeated Jessy Jay in Fall #3 to win the vacant title when Sultanov came back out during a referee bump and he gave Jay a DVD off the ramp into a table below. The referee woke up and saw a bloody Jay laying in the table wreckage and he ended the match. The heels continued to go after Jay but Clementine and Laura Di Matteo made the save and they beat up Sultanov. Di Matteo said she is coming after Rosendahl and the title.