F1RST Wrestling “Saturday Night Nitro” Results From September 10, 2022

Pro Wrestling At The Mall Of America

F1RST Wrestling “Saturday Night Nitro” Results From September 10, 2022

F1RST Wrestling "Saturday Night Nitro" results from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA at The Mall of America on 9/10/22 live on FITE:

Big O Possum pinned Kyle Pro with an inside cradle after "playing possum".

Jordan defeated Scott Story.

Jerry Lynn came out to set up the opening match on FITE.

Arik Cannon pinned WrestlePalooza Champion Darin Corbin with a La Magistral Cradle to win the title (or so it appeared) after Corbin missed a Moonsault. Corbin got on the mic after and said he never agreed to put the title on the line. He said it was a one on one match and he was still the champion. He was given the title belt back and he went back to the locker room.

Ethan Page pinned Jah-C after the Ego's Edge.

Uptown VFW Champion Devon Monroe won a 4-Way Match over Rylie Jackson, Lince Dorado, and Brandon Gore by pinning Jackson after the Taste The Rainbow.

Free-Range Kara pinned Billie Starkz with a counter move. Lisa Marie Varon was the special guest referee. Varon hugged Kara after the match but Starkz shoved her away when she tried to give her a hug. Varon gave Starkz a Widow's Peak.

Orange Cassidy pinned Effy after the Orange Punch.

A Rumble match is next. People will come in every 60 seconds. Over the top rope rule for the eliminations:

Thunder Frog won the Rumble. Warhorse (#1) vs. Ryan Cruz (#2) started it off. Kal Creed (#3), Shane Black (#4), Thunder Frog (#5), Dark Sheik (#6), Badger Briggs (#7), Black Stallion (#8), ESQ (#9), Lore (#10). Lore eliminated Creed, ESQ, Briggs and Stallion. Sheik, Cruz, Warhorse, and Black eliminated Lore. Thunder Frog eliminated Cruz. Dark Sheik eliminated Black and Warhorse. Thunder Frog eliminated Dark Sheik for the win.

Colt Cabana pinned Dak Draper with a running flip out of the corner.

WrestlePalooza Champion Darin Corbin came out to the ring. He was dressed in the same white and black colors style of clothing as Lex Luger wore on the very first WCW Monday Nitro from this venue back in 1995. He complained about Jerry Lynn ruining his evening. Lynn came out from the locker room and hit him with a chair. He said he was showing Corbin "tough love".

Dante Martin (with Darius Martin) vs. Rob Van Dam. They only wrestled for a few minutes and then Sonny Kiss came out on the ramp. Kiss said this was the first pro wrestling event at the mall in 27 years and wanted to be part of it. Ari Daivari then came out to join Kiss. Daivari said they wanted to make the main event a tag team match. He and Kiss attacked Martin and RVD to force them to accept. The referee called for the bell to officially make it a tag team match.

RVD and Dante Martin defeated Sonny Kiss and Ari Daivari when RVD pinned Daivari after the 5-Star Frog Splash.