Sendai Girls Results From July 10, 2022: Sendai Girls Junior Title Vacated

Sendai Girls On PPV

Sendai Girls results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 7/10/22 live on Zaiko pay-per-view:

Yurika Oka came to the ring to address the crowd. She is out of  action with an eye injuy. She had a white bandage over the eye.

Tomoka Inaba defeated Natsumi by submission. After the match, Inaba relinquished the Sendai Girls Junior Championship to the referee because of the career length and weight rules. She has been a pro for three years now this month.

Rydeen Hagane pinned Sakura Hirota after a Moonsault.

Aoi, Risa Sera, and Ayame Sasamura defeated Manami, Ryo Mizunami, and Yuu when Sasamura pinned Manami with a Tiger Suplex.

Saori Anou and Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Mika Iwata and Miyuki Takase when Matsumoto pinned Iwata after the Rock Drop.

There was a brief intermission while the crew set up ladders and chairs in the ring for the Hardcore Match coming up next.

DASH Chisako pinned Suzu Suzuki in a Hardcore Match after the Hormone Splash off a ladder while Suzuki was under a pile of chairs.

Sendai Girls World Champion Chihiro Hashimoto pinned Asuka with the Albright Suplex. This was very physical and worth the price of admission alone. Hashimoto appeared hurt in the match and at one point it looked like she was going to get counted out. She gave Asuka a powerslam later on and Asuka landed rough on her head.