The Sherri Martel Classic Tournament Results (Show Now Online)

Tournament Honoring The Legendary Former AWA Women’s Champion And Former WWF Women’s Champion

The Sherri Martel Classic Tournament Results (Show Now Online)

Reality of Wrestling results of their first annual Sherri Martel Classic Tournament from Texas City, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Booker T's World Gym Arena taped on 4/30/22 now on YouTube:

The show begins with one of the tournament 3-Way Match Semifinals and brief picture in picture highlights of how each person advanced. Hyan pinned Rache Chanel after The Beauty Sleep. Sheeva pinned Mystii Marks after a Samoan Drop. ROW Diamonds Division Champion Raychell Rose pinned Mia Friday after the Off With Her Head.

Hyan won a 3-Way Semifinals Match over Raychell Rose and Sheeva by pinning Rose after a hot shot followed up by The Beauty Sleep.

The second 3-Way Match is up next. Another picture in picture  segment showed how they all advanced. Promise Braxton pinned Haley Danielle after a TKO. Erica Torres pinned Nova Phoenix with a roll up. Gigi Rey pinned Insidious Sid Mars after a driver.

Promise Braxton won a 3-Way Semifinals Match over Erica Torres and Gigi Rey by pinning them both at the same time while Torres had Rey in a choke hold.

Booker T. was shown in his office acting unhinged again. It looked like he was talking to himself. He said Promise Braxton was The Chosen One and it must be assured that she wins the tournament. He said the tournament wasn't for him but "for you!" He was talking to a picture of the late Sherri Martel on his cell phone.

The finals are next and Booker T. is sitting in a chair near the ring to watch it close up.

Promise Braxton pinned Hyan to win the tournament when Booker T. interfered by grabbing Hyan's leg and holding it down from outside the ring. Queen Sharmell walked out with an angry purpose afterwards. She saw what happened and accused Booker of sabotaging her transportion to make her late getting to the venue. She demanded the match be restarted.

Hyan defeated Promise Braxton by pin after The Beauty Sleep to officially become the first Sherri Martel Classic winner. Sharmell presented her with a trophy and a tiara.