Sherri Martel Classic Tournament Taking Place On April 30, 2022

First Annual Sherri Martel Tournament News

Booker T's Reality of Wrestling will have their first Sherri Martel Classic tournament on 4/30/22 at Booker T's World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. The event was originally scheduled for 4/2/22 in Irving, Texas during WrestleMania Weekend but it ended up getting postponed.

The format of the tournament is a bit unique. There will be first round single elimination matches. Second round will have two 3-Way Matches. The winners of each 3-Way Match will advance to the No Disqualification stipulation finals.

The announced field of competitors are ROW Diamonds Division Champion Raychell Rose, Hyan, Promise Braxton, Rache Chanel, Erica Torres, The Insidious Sid Mars, Gigi Rey, Mia Friday, Sheeva, Mystii Marks, and Nova Phoenix.