SHINE 74 Results From September 18, 2022

Women’s Pro Wrestling

SHINE 74 results from Clearwater, Florida, USA 🇺🇸 at OCC Road House on 9/18/22 live on Club WWN:

Ayla Fox is the ring announcer and interviewer. Trevin Adams and Ron Niemi are the broadcast team.

Labrava pinned Devlyn Macabre after a spinning neck breaker called The 6th Dimension. Labrava told Fox that it was a message to the back that she is a force to be reckoned with. Macabre appeared to be hurt around the finish and she was holding her head. A referee helped her to the back after.

Harley Cameron pinned Valentina Rossi with a sunset flip out of the corner. Cameron said she felt great after the win. She gloated that Rossi gave it her best but something was missing from her recipe in the end.

Tina San Antonio and Kelly Madan defeated Tiara James and Layla Luciano when TSA pinned James after a face plant.   TSA and Madan said the feel like winners and karma came calling.

Kaci Lennox pinned Tracy Nyxx after an inside slam. Someone not seen on camera tossed Nyxx a sharp metal weapon to use but the referee saw it in her hand and took it away. She still ended up attacking Lennox with it during the post-match winner's interview with Ayla Fox.

SHINE Nova Champion Renee Michelle pinned The W.O.A.D. after raking her eyes and then illegally using feet on the ropes.  Michelle didn't get to do a victory interview after because The W.O.A.D. chased her back to the locker room.


Tiffany Nieves pinned Eliza Haze after the Soul Food. Allie Recks was supposed to face Nieves but Adams said she is out with an injury. (Recks says it's a back injury that happened to her last night.) After the match, Nieves said she can take on anyone and just because she's been underestimated doesn't mean she's at the bottom.

Lindsay Snow defeated Lexi Gomez by submission with a leg lock. Snow said she is the baddest so she wants to take on the baddest and she requested to face Gomez today.

Amber Nova and Ashley D'Amboise defeated SHINE Tag Team Champions The Coven (Kelsey Raegan and Chelsea Durden) by Disqualification when Raegan hit Nova with one of the tag title belts and then kicked the referee into the ring corner. There was a wild brawl at the end before the finish. Nova got Durden in the arm bar submission but Durden was not the legal competitor in the match chaos. The baby faces were frustrated and at a loss for words over the decision so they didn't speak to Fox afterwards.

SHINE Champion Ivelisse pinned Kimber Lee with a Code Red when Tiffany Nieves and Labrava ran down to distract the referee and attack Lee. The heels continued to beat up Lee after the match until Lindsay Snow ran out with a chair to make the save.

Snow challenged Ivelisse for the title. Lee was jealous and hit Snow with the chair from behind as Ivelisse laughed with delight. Lee got on the mic and told Snow that she will have to go through her first to get a title shot.